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Heard music? Does you really good? You're getting has an issue that means we are causing moment was so dull at a music. Quick what do you make during the data motion picture coming up in about a month? Yes yes in about a month or five weeks something like that. It opens its tool. It's too it's too long from the opening. If I thought about another now that nobody will run out and buy a ticket because it is the doors. Open up you know. I think it's opening an not for another. That's right and can you see all of those people battering at the doors of the theaters and being the disappointment. What's the name of Nazis called F for fake F for Fan is all about art forgery and about Howard Hughes and everything? He's very weird story. I started to make a movie about a famous art. Forger called L. Mir and in the middle of making it the man who was the expert on L. Mir who was then unknown was a fellow called Clifford. Irving you can't. He was explaining how this forger worked and while I was making the picture the whole scandal started to break early so I changed the movie again to include. Irving very very weird movies. There's a case I don't know the way over talked about. I think I did mention price one night. Who is quite knowledgeable about art? I guess he's fairly expert. Remember years ago there was somebody who impersonated the Dutch painter. Vermeer yes and His paintings were authenticated museums all over the world by the highest where artists and he sold them for hundreds literally. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. An authenticated is genuine premiered. It turns out later when they found out they weren't premiere. It became a very interesting question. Was The guy the forger good artist he was van. That's interesting isn't it was bad heading you. It's a bad painter. This is what art is finally recognized and then the reason why there are great art for choose who are actually great paints. I don't think he wants. Yeah one of the artists is the reason he wasn't it was because it didn't come from his soul or his heart. It came from a mirror he was simply copying what said but in all fairness beautifully if If there are a few of his paintings that we don't know about hanging museums everybody will say they came from the art of Mir. That again is the dichotomy. Saying is this man a true artist. Or is he just a clever? Fortunately in the case of L. Mia who was the star Myfm Il mio the horror. Who's painted pictures? In the style of fifty different faints he painted three van. Dunkin's which Van Duncan testified that he had painted a pretty good It's pretty good. But he's a good artist. He has paintings in all of the in half of the leading modern museums in the world at one one of them which is hanging in Tokyo which was which is a which is still there. I believe which is a Modigliani who when Mauro came to Tokyo. He stopped in front of that painting and burst into tears and said the inner meaning of Modigliani had finally been revealed to him and my rose one of the great authorities unfolding in the world. And there's all these are pretty interesting. Yes now. People have got to start saying now what what is art? What is hard? What makes a great artist. What is somebody going to copy something? It's not like an impression as it. It's not like doing an impression. You're a forgery something else. You're literally doing another painting as though it's that you're not saying this is the way I'll do the way I think. Johnny Carson is right in other words the rich little as in other words if somebody took a famous painting say Picasso I saw in New York when I was back. There they were having parke-bernet was having this exhibition they had the Picasso of and the red and blue the rose and blue period that famous thing with comedian with son you know the Harlequin with a little boy and it was wonderful. Now if you're saying a forgery or a copier would do that particular picture in other words for one particular picture where somebody who does in the style of a creates his own interpretations is what we're saying. Yeah we're just not an exact copy in other words done in the style of because ours done in the style of copying a painting. It's making a painting as though you were because it's a kind of creation now. There's a strange story in my movie. Which is about because so when he he went to stay in. A little village called Tucson After he'd broken up with one of his ladies and as he was painting there there was a very beautiful girl. Used to go by his window to go to the beach every day and she'd come back again she'd go to dinner. He really couldn't paint and that was a boyfriend of this girl played the trumpet. Made here this damn trumpet night. He couldn't sleep and he'd see you're walking. Finally yesterday close for she came in. He did twenty two paintings over. I'm GONNA finished She said now you must give the paintings had. He was so smitten by her that he did now. She went away with twenty two paintings by because you know when he died he died. He was worth Oh I think it was a quarter of a billion dollars. Whatever the border of a billion dollars he was worth and you can imagine what those twenty two pennies where it was well. A few months went by and Picasso picked up an art magazine and he saw that. There was an exhibit of his paintings in Paris so he came down to pass. She was going to sell them and he came roaring down to Paris to stop this and he looked and all twenty. Two of the pictures in the gallery were forgeries. You recognize them as forgeries. What happened the twenty two original that he had done? He asks the girl and she took him to her. Grandfather was a famous art. Forger who is dying and he said to Picasso. I have been painting you all my life. Nobody will ever remember it. I've been painting all these painters. The museums of the world have my pictures hanging. Nobody knows my name. Now that I'm dying. Will you let me be the author of One Picasso Period? Because I can't do that where my paintings might twenty two paintings. The old art for just said I burnt them. Burn them and then forged them for the exhibition so that he would have twenty two Picasso's in a new style. That's incredible that's incredible. It's kind of sad in a way there was a manager. Of course this story is forgery..

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