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Visit my website Joe Collins for Congress. Dotcom. My name is Joe Collins and I'm running for Congress I pay for and have approved the content contained therein. Get Midei's right with John Phillips on you can get it right. No teacher genital like school one day, Johnny. Good, something sure nobody's It's one away on talk radio 7 90, ABC. John Phillip Show Broadcasting Live in exile from my Living room in Palm Springs, California. And it's time to open up the state of California for business. Mr Randy Wang's at the Sports Desk in Culver City, John L. A County is shutting down a bunch of covert testing sites because there's so much smoke in the air. The air quality is garbage. Well, I think all the smoke is coming from that which Barbara Ferrer's cauldron. 800 to 2 to K A. B. C is the phone number 1 800 to 2 to 5 to 2 to it is a pleasure to welcome to the program. Our next guest. She is a medical doctor, A former member of Congress representing the state of New York, who was just retweeted by President Trump himself and her Twitter feed is white. Hot right now, if you want to follow her on Twitter You conduce that at man Hayworth, Doctor Nan Hayworth welcome. Oh, John Philip. It is the least, is much of a thrill to be with you. Right now, as it is to see my Twitter feed light up because I really, really appreciate the opportunity. Tio join you anytime I can. So, thank you. Well, I've been looking forward to talking to you all day because yesterday we talked about America's favorite fake doctor, Barbara Ferreri, canceling Halloween and then getting smacked down by the sheriff who said that he's not going to enforce her edict, and she's on her own. Well, today, there's new audio that was unearthed about the fake doctor speaking to various school administrators in Los Angeles County, about when potentially on campus instruction would begin. It was obtained by Steve Gregory of Ko Phi News. Here is what she said on the clip. Quote. We don't realistically anticipate that we would be moving toe either tear to or to reopen in K through 12 schools at least until after the election after early November. When we just look at the timing of everything. It seems to us. Ah, more realistic approach to this would be to think that we're going to be where we are now until we're done with the election and quote It sounds like she's basing all of her decisions on the quote science, doesn't it? Yes, Absolutely. The science of political science, John? Yeah, they're they're right. I mean, there's and I did I tweeted about it. This is well, you know, this is outrageous. I mean, she's but she's admitting it right. At least she's being honest. You know, this is all political there being on it to this audience. Certainly. And it's nothing Absolutely nothing. That Dr Ferrer says. From here on in Should be regarded with anything less than a gigantic block of salt. Actually, she should be. She could be replaced and this is and she's not alone in the public health establishment, as we know. Ah, their dire predictions for the consequences of being in crowds and being insufficiently masks were miraculously. Nullified when because quote unquote was so important to the cause of so called black lives matter. Black lives do matter, but not be lemon teeth and all the others who have obviously a promulgated riots, violence, death and destruction across the country, But none of that mattered more right. Johnson out to her and to her audience. They know what they're talking about. Their politics matter more and that priority is costing livelihood live, harming Children. Not actively overtly harming Children. So this isn't some. You know, you could say, Well, it's politics, but everybody will be okay. No, everybody's not going to be okay. She needs to be replaced. Absolutely from your lips to God's ears. And let's also not forget President Trump is being raked over the coals right now because there's a new book out, saying he didn't take over 19 seriously enough when he was doing things like instituting a travel ban on China and Europe. That was right around the same time that the fake doctor was running around, telling everyone that having the marathon was perfectly safe. Oh, absolutely. And Nancy Pelosi was in Chinatown, you know, fluttering and pattering around Chinatown in San Francisco thing, but we're all here and we're just We're just having a marvelous time people crowded in within six inches of her face. Nobody's wearing a mask. You know, it's fine. Why don't you come join us? You know, and I saw that her face was pulled back tighter than the Mushi. Oh, wait. W You know, I try to avoid the space stuff, but he has yes. I mean, she's you know, she's you know, she's got a freezer full of gourmet ice cream. So judge, you know she's going to be just fine. Ah, yeah, but she wasn't alone in that, Of course, she was joined by many other Democrats. She was joined on the other coast where you know, the storm clouds were looming on the horizon in a very big way. Ah, and Mayor Bill de Blasio on march 5th was saying, Hey, go out! Enjoy. Here's a movie recommendation for you. Don't live that nasty old man Corona virus. Get in your way. Hey, was specifically saying to ride the subway, which is where we know. Ah, Lot of these people contracted it right. You can follow. You could follow the pattern. Of infection. You know the documented infections and they they did you know, you could make a case that they were consistent with the commuting patterns of folks..

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