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When he was fourteen years old, Rick, got a job, a really good paying job. So you probably making more money than most kids that you knew. I knew the US government has committed the armed services and more than two hundred million dollars a year to the fight against drugs, but the enemies in this war have more money, the latest equipment and millions of our own citizens, supporting them. In one thousand nine hundred eighty four. The f. b. i. Detroit police department are desperate to put some big time dealers in prison and help build their case. They have friendly observant teenager to infiltrate one of the city's biggest drug organizations. When we first Moby couldn't believe, why would these African American young teenagers and twenty year olds? Why would they deal with this kid while he was very sharp? Very smart, very streetwise from WD IV and Graham media. This is shattered this season. You'll hear the story of Rick where she junior, you might know him as white boy, Rick and informant turn cocaine dealer in one thousand nine hundred seven where she was arrested for allegedly, possessing eight kilos of cocaine. They don't know. People have him and they don't. Kevin beats, am I twenty five years as an investigative TV reporter into try? No story has been surprising outrageous and just crazies Rex. Word went to the police department. The word when do the Wayne County prosecutor's office, you make sure he stays in jail for ever or ever and they did. They did. Coming up this season on shattered. You're going to hear Rick's entire improbable story. And along the way, you'll meet the sister who stood by him, their murderers rapists that are out and he's still there. The drug boss will be friends with him. We was allowed money with. We moved up in another level Cocos when you when you moved up here was even the FBI agents who employed him, and I threw him a pair of handcuffs and told him to sit down and shut up. And even Matthew mcconaughey the place, the part of Rick's dad and the upcoming movie, white boy, Rick. I immediately knew from sitting down with Rick, the recumbent jail that after five hours with him, I was like, you know what? I would trust that guy if he came by my house and I needed him to watch over the kids because I had to go in town. You can hear the entire story starting September six every day is in jail is a subterfuge Justice subscribe on apple. Podcasts or your favorite podcast app all these years still after despite. Find us at white boy, Rick dot show.

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