Donald Trump, Jack Barsky, Malcolm Nance discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


But she was tasked by someone to come out and do this with in a within a circle of operations that appear to surrounded the entirety of the Trump team. She's just one. Shen between her and Alexander torsion to influence, the NRA to influence, the Republican party and to get the Donald Trump like you said real trained officers right case officers of the VR would not have been able to get the Donald Trump and ask him a question. But civilian subcontractors can because they are not actually assets that could be quickly and easily identified as as members of Russian intelligence. And that's where I think it's successful Jack have less than a minute. If she'd been the pro that you were if she'd been immersion full immersion pro spy, can you imagine what she could have accomplished in this country. I am very very very very dangerous. But I just want to say I agree wholeheartedly with the assessment that there's a whole lot more sort of contributors. Unofficial of folks that don't not employees of espionage agency. That that sends out these days. This did not happen in my time. Malcolm Nance, Jack barsky. Let's have this conversation. Again, something tells me, we'll have no shortage of subject matter. Thank you, gentlemen. This was absolutely fascinating on a Friday night. Now, we moved to this the aircraft spotted in the skies and on the ground to our south that got the attention of the federal government will explain when we come back..

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