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That was great. Wants this show. I have no idea where this show is. I don't know what time and so suddenly as I go. No we still have other stuff to do a heart attack chat room. Hey during the chat chat with Heart Chapman to ten. Let's go to the heart set. Win The heart sac away the heartache heart heart down. Hey where? The heart set apple. What is what bullying Freddie. Hey where the heart sac in chat rooms. Did Ken Chiampou Chat Room chat rooms. Take ten chat. Let's go down where the heart sac with a heart set. Aware the were. Hey where the heart sac or reservoir star doubtful way with heart. Sach away what what shots the room. That's a cousin that just called. Hey has ma shoutout to lose Sean Brown? Oliver Acre shot to Juliet Fagin. Juliet shout to Robert mcfall. Hey Robert Shoutout to denise Gareth. Hey Denise how are you shots? Markets One EMOJI. Johnson haymarket shot out to Tanya Merrett? Hey Tanya yes. Welcome to the show. Welcome shot up to Marita Simmons. Hey Maria shot out to Latisha. Briscoe girl shot out to Shelby Lawson. Hey Shelby shot out too damn Rodriguez. Hey Dan shout to Tina Culbertson. Hey Tina shout out to Julius gala shop shot to Sabrina Lawrence shots at bay. Thomson Avis Denise Shot Crystal Ronnie. Hey krystal shadow. Christie Cassandra who stopped in for a second shout out to Nicole Harris Hanukah. Shout out to latasha James Branch Halo Shoutout to Valerie. Thomas who is in second shutout to Natalie. Turner and Steve Williams. Hey y'all things for always rocking with US shot out to Robyn Brito. Hey Robin coming to Brooklyn with us. Yes and she came with her lovely daughter to the Valentine's Day party. It was great seeing allies. Shot out to Reggie Harley. Hey Reggie shoutout to Kenya Brown workout. Caning Shout Melvin Wagner shutouts in the Sahn Washington shutouts Adela Andrews shoutout to Diane Hall. We said a whole shoutout to Lynette. Nazi-era no Halen that shot to Shelagh Hall. Hey Shayla shoutout to wander Santiago Shopper and George Happy Birthday George. Shout to Ken Black. Hey Ken shot out to Deborah Free Ninety nine Lesley Hey bull shot out the CASSIM Griffin shot out to Richard Nine Wolf nationwide for you whether you wake up live free right down to it on your forehead shot out the Anthony Clark. Hey Anthony Shot Johnny whip shoutout to Marlin Woods. Hey Marlin bandaged shock to Queen Diane and Tell Your Boo. We said hello shot out to Heidi Taty DA. Make sure y'all go out there March twenty first okay does antic were shot to the. Ad Low shot to roll garrison hero shots Virginia. Wait Hey Virginia shout out to squeaky pinkish girl shot out the Jennifer girl shot out the DJ star Boogie. Shout out to sea liddy.

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