Politico, David Brooks, David Fromm discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Way this guys talking about well from the politico the headline democrats civil war flares after lambs upset win do i need to go any further the headline alone establishes my point yes here we go conservative democrats argue the party needs to embrace lambs centrist message in other battleground races liberals in the party say b s conor lambs triumph in trump country is being heralded by conservative democrats there's no such thing by the way not really a conservative democrat is not a democrat or he's a liar there is no such thing as a conservative and if you think i'm wrong call in no lines open but if you time it correctly you can get through you disagree with me on that you think you think they're conservative democrats out there joe you look how he votes joe manchin conservative democrats there's no such thing as a conservative democrat in fact you know what the role of the never trumpers is what do you think the role of david brooks and david fromm and all these other cloud the mona charan's they go on tv and they are heralded as what conservatives intellectual conservative smart conservatives right these are the educated these are the non klan member conservatives right these are the mainstream thinktank intellectual leading conservative what do they do they don't just bash trump they bash other conservatives so the role as the reason why they're on pbs in the reason why mona got her washington post style section story after cpac the role they play the purpose they serve is that they go on mass media as conservatives criticizing conservative policy criticizing other conservatives and that gives it even more credibility than when the left doesn't so they are there for the express purpose of criticizing conservatives and conservative policy.

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