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Captain and all this kind of doing okay. It was kinda doing okay. So we'll watch this story robert. The the right way of disciplining capsule that foster experienced by school key goes both goes in the fa cup. Final wasn't the way to go figure out and watch over the next few weeks. Let's say again now. What is body. Language is like and what is performance level is like so maybe accessible gender the season whether it was right. Cool whether obama young is i'm side with touches projects. Maybe let's also cianci de niro. Khaliq is much to our offense. Point spoke to to give us a month in terms. Of how else know how they think also gonna fan. The second language is about gaming prog weather time worn and they have maybe surprising you To advance it plus one sixty but also to advance minus two sixty nine so quite young favorites for all snow. Goes you on that one. So i'm not sure that offense points patna. Maybe that we done. Will you just think it's one of those is a good day coming for awesome. That we know is always that they can defend On at areas of the pitch. Cd golden up fast Mccormack it cost him a problem. Some didn't walk on the fall. Post to be clean and factor in the opposition bailout A brave man the backs arsenal at minus two hundred and thirty nine Soviet prague we know so to really good plays in western. It and sue sue foul. So they're a good outfit and they still doing well without they go some place in that side. That's a difficult gain so those odds. Are you know a pretty generous. If you wanna go slavia prague the also fans i think. Just be a little careful i mean. That's that's strong favorites in a way. I mean bronx money be happy. Save saving money and be happy to get through. I would suggest stones or win fiscal in of scrape both term as ever my friend. I think we said giamatti much. On with details at both ends of its able to munches to close on first and second bullet points now. Between less than liverpool in sex means trump is only place he wrote for grabs him will probably go down to the last day of the season will be back on thursday april fifteenth to review all the european action in the johnsons League liverpool lots to do against real madrid while munches city and chelsea leeds but certainly not adjusted. Also much not. It's a date with the local league on says the gophers we got work to do against prague woman at the moment but Certainly not sure they're going to get sued. That low spice bicycles believe they all favorites. For now i'm l. He's together data to bobby sons watson. Listening safe be healthy. Should not me and it's gonna from him good night..

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