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Just. One Day Rick says I'm starting something new I'd like you involved I say. Where do I send the check because I? Know Rick's going to win because he's a winner that's all you need to life. And Rick Says Okay here and I say can I get twice that amount rix as J. L. oversubscribed I'm GonNa take three times that amount Anyway, he gets me a tiny little slice. Of something, I, know nothing about three D. Printing. What does Jake Aldo about three different thing? I. Know Nothing while I now is that rick full up is one of the Great Human Beings I've met in my life. As a human being as a technologist and as a leader of companies and I am so delighted to have my good friend full up on the program to talk about desktop metal. Because Wreck. Just SP- backed. Desktop metal, and now we have to have a little disclaimer here. We cannot talk about certain things wreck. Don't know all the rules of the road but I I want to congratulate you on the Tremendous success you've had with desktop metal to date and. I've had three companies that have invested in go public now Uber. Waiter we had a couple of shares we got in that it was Kinda minimus. I don't it doesn't really count but I guess it counts technically because they bought one of our companies and now desktop mental. So thank you for including me in the journey you didn't have to you were oversubscribed and you just saved a little slice for your boy Jay cow and that's all I. Ask any of my friends you save a lives for Jacomb. THREE SIZES I may ask for three but I'll take one one slice everybody knows the rules. wreck congratulations on an undoing. This back starts with number one what is desktop metal and number two why did you choose this moment to do a Spec and explained the process and we'll get into that here in the second. Yeah. So desktop is one of leading providers or any brothers. We make machines that make it really easy to print metal parts at scale, which is something that you could really do easily before we came along, you have this legacy technology that use lasers and special facilities and was complicated and we've. Made that technology a lot more accessible and friendly due to the mass market. In the Today, it's used.

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