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Or go to Judicial Watch dot org. We've got carried the other day. There was a story about how allegedly nine hundred thousand people who are not legally allowed to vote vote in the last election. And again, the left always says not one illegal has ever voted not one person legally allowed to vote has ever voted. There's no proof, which of course, is proven untrue every single day. But Tom Tom gonna tell us how he got that number. We'll talk about that. There's vote harvesting ballot harvesting in California. Do you know what that is? I don't know that it is offhand. I asked him that Tom. Can you explain to us what ballot harvesting is in California? And it's happening in California. And it's going to be really something that distresses you when you hear it. You're. Not going to believe they're doing this in California. But they are. And I think there's there's going to be a push to do this in other places as well. So we talk about that. We also talk about the Muller probe. Tom does maybe it should be a Muller? Prob-? I agree with him. He thinks that Muller should be funded in the whole thing should be closed down. I think we'll get the interest this week on that. And will there ever be an investigation into Hillary Clinton? We talk about all that with Tom fit and coming up by the make sure you stick around and go to the phone lines. In the meantime, a lot of people want to be heard on the Muller probe. I've now described to you have explained exactly what it's based on. Which makes it even more foolish that we're spending even a dime on a pro that is completely fictitious in a witch hunt. Thomas what's going on in Akron high? Hey, buddy. I love it. Right back. Real quick points. I think it goes back to the. Smirk at Lisa page. What was it? Whether they call it the insurance policy in case one goes back to that. And it certainly goes your emails. You're exactly right. But I think it's not so much about the Hillary emails, but maybe the Podesta emails because I believe that just goes right back to the top. Yeah. Very tippy pop, and that's Barack Hussein Obama. Why? I agree that Barack Obama absolutely was party to to this this silent coup this of this effort to stop Donald Trump from ever even being inaugurated. And then even since he was inaugurated still trying to get rid of him. The this thing is going to be a colossal failure in good. I'm glad but that Thomas, you're right. I believe this had everything to do with Obama and Clinton and the democrat machinery trying to change this country forever. Well, it'll it'll all come around the boomerang is coming around and one more thing in in Akron, Ohio here, some carry lobby and Sam..

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