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When we look at the defense for the Giants that bring in Blake Martinez this past offseason. They made that trade which I don't really get for Leonard Williams last year. Now he's back on the franchise tag. The giant's defense is what to you for this upcoming year Mark Cross. The Giants defense is not much better than last year on a CZ you saw last year they really were a liability. The biggest thing is the pass rush. They still don't have a pass rusher. They basically are counting on Markus Golden, who they signed very late. You know that? No. No one else around the league really want market stolen. There wasn't a big market for him. He's a free agent and they got him in a couple weeks ago signed him back. They have a couple of young players that they're counting on who didn't really produced last year. So you know that's really in the NFL. You gotta rush the past. We had to get after the quarterback and the Giants don't really I still have that pass for us. Even though they've been looking for that past couple years, I thought, I think Blake martinis with their big free agent signing along with James Bradberry. He's a corner. You know, Blake Martinez, I think really is just kind of a journeyman talent, a za linebacker, and they played a bunch of money for him. When you look at James Bradberry, they paid a bunch for him. But How much better is he then? Generous Jenkins. You know they had issues with generous because of his personality and his comments he made which were obviously wrong. But how much better is James Bradberry than generous? Jenkins that you have a look at it? But DeAndre Baker situation their first round pick where they lost. You know, in the sand deal there their third round pick from the supplemental draft a couple years ago. They lost him as well. So you're gonna help.

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