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New York, Larry Pearl, Graham discussed on Press Play with Madeleine Brand


Just coming up the ball room was a refuge for marginalized gay and trans people in New York now it has its own show on HBO Max that's next on press play it is seven forty five your case your W. my name is Larry pearl just a quick update for you mayor Garcetti Eric Garcetti I gave his up press conference today had his press conference today and among the things he talked about was saying that this is a moment of opportunity for change talking about the protest also talking about the the fact that he took a knee today with faith leaders and urged a TV news media to put black people the protesters on to hear their stories and about what this moment means to them he then introduced a Davey until Graham a sixty year old black teen who told his story of being profiled as a gang member and urge for the violence and looting to stop in for the police to basically just get with the program to understand the history and to push for change there has been criticism of course city for calling for a raise for LAPD and is this in the face of protest in the history of police brutality against black people in what's been called institutional racism seven forty five you're listening to KCRW in this is moments of serenity with me.

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