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The air force and after the block rim Doron by the falcons Durgin had a crack at it couldn't pick it up Paul at a crack addict couldn't control it. It's batted out of the air by Stenlund, and they're gonna call a hand pass. I think on the freshman out of Sweden for Niagara. They are. So it's going to bring the face off out of the zone air force doing everything they can to get that puck out Niagara doing everything they can to keep that puck in. And it ends up being a hand pass the face off on the on the blue line just out there just outside the air force blue line Brian Wilson back in the nets with two eleven left in the third to air force. And I'm sure soon as the pocket goes into the air force end up to drop Wilson's headed for the bench. It does go into the air force. And but Dan Bailey has it. Skates around plays a little keep away gets a Tim Rogers Mirages since a long pass up ahead for pheno pheno will bring it in and Wilson is still between the pipes. They can't get the goalie out. Falcons with a chance to keep it in at the blue line swinging and missing at it is going to be Mirages because he didn't touch it's an icing call on Niagara. That was a good miss by just right there because air force gets the offensive zone. Faceoff Wilson has to stay in the game. One fifty left on the clock. Third period each team with thirty three shots on goal. Falcons up to two one face off to the right of Wilson. And this will be Brady. Tom lack taken this face off. Tom like wins. It back to the point leads to a shot. They got through traffic and it hit Wilson right.

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