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Still chris you get out of here. hold on. i'm getting to him. I'm getting him a note in the bottle. I want the payoff the fill me up. Fill up my cup. Get rid of everything that's left in there and take take a walk. He finished the bottle. Finish the bottle. You guys finish the paintings that we shared it amongst the room. There's another one we'll get out of here. Get out of here with the note. I want the video payoff of doing that. But i got something for us. To god's i look at you go ahead. Fire away roy. It is now time with freedom to set up all this stuff that is owed right. He should do the penalty kick. I don't even remember the goaltender was. He thought he was going to make one of ten six of ten or something ridiculous against an mls goalie. We need to do that. Now that we can no liabilities. Know anything we gotta ropes to god's into some of the promises from the past so that the lies can be unearthed in front of everybody. The keeper could be a dead mike ryan easter. Still a hit as many shots as he said he would hit. I think it was the miami. Fc keeper at the time. Yeah the my saying that. I was a lot younger than and So i feel like maybe four to ten is probably weren't a lot younger like seven years ago so if we if you wanna make it five out of ten that's fine. I thought it was eight. Hundred ten are doing some ridiculous thing. Like i would make a bunch of penalty kicks. I think it was edited. I'd be willing to do it. And still i will still stand by this six out of ten. That's out of your mind. Totally totally out of your mind that you would be able i just i think. We perpetually underestimate how good these people are at the things that they do at the height of competition whether in not in softball but in other places the fight is literally over money and livelihoods among competition hollick. That's how you get to what's happening with garrett cole. These people can't turn it off. Competition hollick's gonna competition a holiday and it's going to go through the pharmacy and the grey areas and everything else and we're going to rail and shake our fist. But part of what's happening. There's is absolutely even you an expert. He's been studying. This for thirty. Years has absolutely no idea how good these people actually are at the things that they're doing. You still think of it as games than i could do that. Even though you're forty eight year old bum who can. I know. But i'm said some serious like your forty eight year old bum. Who spent one of the break smoking cigarettes. And you'd think you'd hit two seven five and women's softball league like you have no idea what you're watching do listen. I still maintain that if you leave me alone in an nba game. I have to be wide open at this point in my life. Okay back then maybe you get a finger in my face. I could drain a couple of threes. If i'm wide open in an nba game. I could do it dan. i'm. I'm a good shooter. I'm a shooter shoot. I know you're doing this off the back of the women's college softball world series. You're watching softball and you're going. I can hit off these women now. We do have a live shot of tony. We'll we'll go to that momentarily. He's following chris to send a message about on the ocean. But i i looked up. I looked up the oklahoma sooners. What what the psychic gifts for the audience so the the oklahoma. The oklahoma sooners are currently in the women's college women's softball world series shannon saliers. Our best pitchers her name. Her opposing batting average is one thirteen right. These are the very best women's college softball players and her opposing batting. Averages one thirteen. How the hell do you think. You're heating to seventy five. Started with chris to up the ante problem to fifty easy all right. I would just like to make a comment. Which is that. I tried to get some women's college world series in Well i tried to get a bug in stugatz as ears so that he could write it and weakened odds and no one really seemed keen on it but now all the sudden everyone on social media is talking about it who we got a big final day. At three o'clock we're talking about on. The show was find that a little metal arc media likes to be all woke in terms of appearances but as soon as a woman speaks of drown or out and do our own thing. And we'll hit two seventy five off the boot. That's how we doing around here in the name of equality. It's not only like you can't talk about it when you wanna talk about it lady when we talk about it watches it to seventy five against the very best in the world. He looks so pissed. I don't know if you saw the letter but the letter says do you pee in pools that's going to be the lead in the bottle. Okay is currently being showed to the camera. Upn okay message vinyl. Somebody's gonna get it think that someone is stranded on an island somewhere needs rescue is going to open it up and be like. Wow someone littered to ask me. Whether or not i pee in pools very good interest very tight wind that's required areas messages in the bottle. You're so excited. The any sort of no communication from the outside. Oh my god. I a bottle from another time. Is this bottle of one hundred years old actual pirates. What is arriving on my choice for three hundred years instead. It's just gonna it's gonna walk down the beach four blocks up on shore and somebody's gonna pick it up in like rally. Somebody's literally like this and just throw bottles into the ocean. Chris cody is confident strut putting glassware into the ocean. Yeah probably anything on the beach. A legal code. He's going to get arrested. Dan you know what's funny about this. This is why i'm happy. Just corporates not around here because of all the funny things that happened during the twenty four hour marathon. One of them is not just that stu gods didn't take care of his our and didn't plant anything and just let adnan talk beyond that. It was the only our where anything illegal was done. Because adnan ends not supposed to be on the phone on facetime so in terms of actual illegal only stugatz during our and that is perfectly glorious because content comes first at every turn but yes his laziness birth not just lazy morality also illegality as the executive saw him worked for the first time and in the first five hours he does something illegal and.

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