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Christian bill in the fight this is not this is not there anybody else got this came out a few weeks ago but i've had other conditions in the meantime rick and morty just got rid for seventy new seven seventy more episodes and if you've never seen rick and morty it's just sterckele fucking get very vitamin up watch this cartoon show it's only twenty minute episodes so it's fucking awesome but it's on hulu i went through three seasons three days it's a brilliant show very well written as far as comedy cartoon synthesis episode sixty nine can we take a second try to come up with some of our favorite movies with the best sex scenes oh i know this we can we can edit that quicken it off because we're five some thinking but i don't i recited obviously roadhouse he came to a fuck up against the wall number one right there that's what you know you're on another level or not you could hold up against the wall and giving the only booty the good doctor eight mile eminem is in the factory by the bumpers all right peter murphy shave a water when she fox the fish do rising sun was she gets fucking down on the table and history yeah not too deep deep cut wasn't there a good sex scene in the the fucking bankruptcy movie with with counter reeves point break let me think they wore the masks of nixon he fucks her on the beach i was thinking i got good one belly when they go back and forth between exits character ravaging fucking amazing beautifully sexiest girlfriend kisha and then and then they go back and forth the naza being all romantic and soft show and his lady is back and forth that music it's fucking awesome true detective with woody harrelson in.

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