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Boston school medicines up in but british there are movement here it is anybody proposing anything is the government involved in this into you have a congressman her senator it doesn't matter what these former players think unless they get with somebody who could then bring this to white yup people years ago there is government oversight committee had a hearings on youth sports concussions but there is nothing out of that that initiated an odd nationwide rule do you think joe thomas's point could work against this that a national policy that every state has to follow the people don't like national i don't think you can they do you then you have what if oklahoma says yes we'll have this and then the state of texas has no will let 1213 year olds play football and how does that work i think it's hard to just have this this one war you know that it just blankets the entire country and have people that you have to agree to do that under what under what kind of penalty of fifth fall of a sudden a a thirteen year old or thirteen year olds were plane tackle football i i just don't know how you impose this in like texas is texas going to go yeah all right we're okay with us yarmuk lo i think the timing is there's a new study yesterday from bu that it's not be concussion to cause a problem it's repetitive blows starting in youth so be you release his study and harry carson screw came out intensely on the same day to try and start a move it in okha ob in a los angeles joins us on this topic ob good morning what do you have for me today perfect michael churn uh i believe that the tackling techniques must be improved yup and i think this thing improve tackling techniques 'cause they're teaching these kids how to hit about so much how to tackle yep now would helpers uh immensely yep thanks again i agree great show you guys are you guys a great thanks for taking my call thanks for the phone call i've said all along you have to read teach an entire generation to help the next generation and that's what you're seeing with some of these teams that.

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