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Development we're joined by kevin solti under green sports solar a rochester based solar development company. Kevin thank you very much for joining us. Thanks for having. Perhaps we can start off by you telling us a little. Bit about green sparks. Solar old is the company how many employees you had. And what was the driving or to start green sparked so we're about to start our twentieth trip around the sun this this april nineteenth university as a company and so we'll We're headed toward twenty years old. We are currently about fifty people although we're hiring right now for a number of positions We started the company basically My partners and i were all executives. And the renewable energy businesses utility scale wind business around the western part of the united states and started to realize that a pretty young age. Twenty two twenty three years old that you know having been in the industry for a year or two having studied in college and stuff that we knew as much as most in should just kinda start on our own and so at the time. governor pataki In new york was talking about berry aggressive renewable energy mandates and we found a good to leeann so we ended up in new york state. Spite of the fact that none of us None of us. That are still with the business at any roots in new york state and so we started in albany. Two thousand two Moved to the rochester area in two thousand five and You know the overall drive the company very simply is at a very young age for for me from my first college class. The very first college class environmental chemistry where the greenhouse effect would showed in graphical format. I realized that. Well this is a really big problem. And so Since that first college class dedicate my life to combating climate change because we only have one plane. We'd better do something about it. That's great and see. The green spark is a certified b. corp is that part of walking the talk as far as Concern for Environmental management..

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