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I have. I've always said that john carpenter's halloween. The original one released today except for like very brief nudity would just be a pg thirteen. There's there's very little violent. It's all suggested it's all scream Murder on the orient express the The murder murray Express is more horrifying than anything in the movie. Halloween in terms of sustained violence and the angle he shoots at. It's so disturbing. When did you encounter this pattern. This was this came out when you were results. I assume this was i forget. Might've been in college or something but there was just something about this. 'cause i'm very ocd. So that i'm very this kind of. Ocd guy just kind of in his own little world accurate poirot and he has to like not only does he have to like put this mickey kind kinda put together spitefully because at the end. Yesterday's actually. This murder was done for good reasons. And i can't actually arrest. Who did it. And he asked to make this bigger moral choice which is again foreshadows these massive moral choices or that world was about to be put through right very weird way So there was just something. It just hit me. It hit me at the right. Goddamn time and also sidney lumet. He's just an amazing filmmaker. He's amazing with images they pull you in He's amazing directing actor so that you're just constantly can't keep your eye off the screen. I just love it. You alluded to a bit. And you mentioned some of the actors. But this is one of those classic seventies like ensembles that at that. Oh i think you would also where you're saying it's kind of the last gasp of of an old world not potentially the acting too. It's like richard win mark and then but then it's like michael york. These different generations kind of colliding ingrid burr. yeah feel-good but then anthony perkins martin balsam lake. These great character actors. Sean connery by the way us. Also i mean just the fact that there's so many things going on in terms of they wanted ingrid bergman to play the Lauren bacall part she goes no. I wanna play the kind of mentally disabled nurse rights. You want an oscar for it today. Richard mark who basically this. How cool ritu with. Mark was he goes. I took the role. Because i just wanted to meet all these actors. I'm such a fan of all of them. So like the fact that a guy of that stature richard marku such an icon especially like filmed warr and everything. But he's still a fan of the movies like i get to meet. Sean connery loved talk. So that was really you know. And then in the middle of an albert finney justice absolute powerhouse. And it's show brilliant you've got twelve of the world's actually fourteen of the world's best actors and they end the whole last twenty minutes. They can't speak while he goes on to. There's real tension in that room of like. How fucking long do i have to sit here and you know how what it takes to make a move. That must've an days if not weeks to get all those angles and so. The tension is just excruciating. When you watch that final scene somebody some the greatest mustache work. I would say in any way how not only poirot by the and faro's iconic moustache is one thing but you got connor martin balsam rocking like pencil. Thin job On you all around and that should not be ignored and connery is being such an anti james bond. Just stuffy racist. He makes he. Does that joke about i was i was. I was yawning with with young. What's his name. He thought that the british should leave it. Can you believe that like he plays a country goes. Can you believe this indian gandhi. I mean come on so but but you're supposed to sympathize with him. It's oh god it's so fucking good. So where do you come down on the twenty seventeen recent remake of braun who somebody that. I respect a law. A lot of his films. Did it just not work for you. And why yeah. It just was too many. They added all this personal back story. Diplo which you don't need all the all. The character work you need of borrow. Is the way that our tiny his face before. He finally walks down that hallway at the end when he's made the decision that he's made and he looks at how everyone else's reacting but he realizes it's very much like john wayne and the searchers or jimmy stewart at the end of call northside seven seven seven. I've helped to bring some justice in the world. But i'm also not a part of it personally like there's something removed and my diminish because of that and that's all you need. You don't need all his picture of the woman then it gets broken. The guy's got damn so you know there is something very frustrating about watching it also. I thought that the the the when when the david suchet poirot series did their version of it. They did an amazing version of it. And had perot do some kind of make some surprising decisions without without ruining the faith of the original text he really They did some really cool and actually did way more realistic of what. It's like to be a train trapped in a snowdrift and you have to actually packard one in the same room or they all freeze to death and so that was really interesting. Yeah in the bronco. One just did and i love kenneth braun that his a. Why can't i think of the name that he doesn't amazing. Police series the swedish one. A wonder oh. My god is so good one of my favorites of his debt again. Very early against brilliant and also. I just quad row has to he really. I will give him this. He does nail the i m. Ocd to a fault. I'm ocd to a point where it negatively affects my life..

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