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All right so here. We go in our theme again. I wanted to pick something of a band In their second steam Or their or their second wave of success this this could be arguably the third wave. Well maybe maybe it's the second wave of success anyways so iron maiden Absolutely they are my third Strongest choice of should be in the hall. And you know they're they're now in a case in a place where they've been dissing the hall and saying we don't even want to be in and stuff and you know that that will probably rub those egos Who who run the hall Badly Because it is a little political still. It's not as political as other things like this This is why. I'm not a big hall hater but Yeah bruce's come out. You know the guys in medan they do lots and lots of interviews. They have big mouths. They're they're enthusiastic participators in the world. So they will. They will voice their opinions and they have They have dissed the hall but they are a massive massive massive travesty of not being in the hall huge band leaders of the new wave of british heavy metal Five classic classic. I don't think any of those records. I you know most metal heads would say those are all classics and they will pick later classics as well They had a very distinct sound Paul anno bruce dickinson They've got this bass player. Who writes lyrics has a great bass sound. They've got these great guitarist. Nikko is one of the you know. Unique drummers of all time but merchandising massive massive merchandising with derek riggs and and eddie And one of the amazing things aren maiden slowly slowly over time Through through you know down periods the blue the blaze bayley albums. You know metal. Not being in you know almost breaking up there. They're literally a large club band at one point But they have become one of the biggest metal bands of all time They they sell tons and tons of tickets when they tour They've been very prolific with records. That's super important. I think In terms of being in the hall so they stay vital with with quality quality new material. They've made lots of records in the two thousands and twenty tens and they've gone on tour perennially. They're a world banned. I think that's important as well But i think it's just one of these. Really heartwarming success stories. Where you see these guys bite and scratch through. You know through through Initial excitement through big fame in say eighty three eighty four eighty five Then things kind of go down and But they you know they still maintain in various territories around the world and then starting with the with the reunion this off a brave new world. Two thousand the wicker man The we was the first single. But through the reunion with bruce they've just gotten bigger bigger and bigger and i think that's a really cool thing all right so let's move on on my second most intense choice for a put. These guys in the damn hall. Now take a listen to.

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