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Am. I've already moved out of this portion into this part so I'm making progress. This is a universal conundrum. So it's not just me which is what I think we do. We personally said. Oh my gosh. I'm not good enough. You know I don't do enough. I don't deserve this. I don't whatever without realizing this is the process. This is where you WANNA be. If you want to get to your highest truth in the workbook as you go through it. It's a month process. Can you set it up for us? I'd how it works. Sure so at the beginning. It's a lot of getting ready. So that's the beginning portion that I was talking about. I'm not taking you out of your comfort zone. I'm allowing you to stay where you feel okay but I am asking you to start to consider what may come up as we move into this and you take on a creative project so I want you to think about the opposition that you might meet lots of times. We get excited about wanting to be an artist but then family can react and say wait a minute. You're spending all your time painting that painting what happened to dinner. You know we're to wash are closer whatever especially if you've sort of lead everybody on to believe that. This is the way that the ordinary world works. They expect that so. You have to sort of get them ready. That things are going to change and then I want people to start to understand their internal opposition because that is the most deadly. It's not what happens on the outside because it's how you react to what happened on the outside but it's really you're internal world of your beliefs about yourself about your position and place it in the world and then I ask you to think about what you'd like to do to take on a creative project something that you think might take a month to complete so if it is to paint a portrait or you want to learn how to throw a pot or you. WanNa do watercolor or write a story or whatever and so then when she got your information together then we move into the heart of the program. Which is the Middle. And that's where things will get harder because all of a sudden you're gonNA find out what you don't know and and how much effort it can take. Things don't just manifest. We all hear about these unbelievable stories about oh sat by a river and this story just came to me. You know I my pin across the notebook and here it was a bestseller and look at me. Well that doesn't necessarily always happen. Plus it doesn't necessarily move that person in a spiritual way to be able to tick become a bigger more self actualized person because they didn't have to go through all of these steps to get there and what does it do for a spiritual when we connect to our creativity. Because you talk about that a lot. I that's very important component for. You is the spiritual element of connecting with creativity. Well because I believe for humans the human spirit is the non physical deepest part of you. It's your life force that's connected to everything else. And that is a pure place that is a pure energy source and then our humanness is sort of layered on top of that and the longer were here on earth the more layers are placed on top of your spirit. That can be suffocating. Really to that energetic force of other people's expectations have you. All the should could woods of the world all these different expectations people had that you have yourself and those are all human expectations which are fine. I mean you know humans on Earth but were also here on a spiritual path and energy and aliveness come from your spirit so if you wanna be happy and joyful and uplifted and believe in miracles and wonderful things in life your spirit has to be able to be free and you have to be able to access that and so one way to nurture your spirit. I believe is through creativity. Because when you're in the creative muse time stops the whole physical world disappears. It doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have or what car you drive or what your job description is. You're just in the moment of creating and it's really this. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it because it's sort of when time and place disappear and times you can read what you wrote the next day and think Oh my. Gosh. Did I write that. Because you're not in it you've removed yourself and your spirit is sort of taking over and then what happens is that you end up with an artistic work and a sensory reality. That is the coming from your spirit through creativity and then that gives you the confidence to just keep feeding it and keep trying new things and it because I think that every time you go through a cycle and the universal story it feeds your confidence it allows you to realize. Hey I went through all this dark time. All these challenges all this rejection or pulling my hair out or whatever. It was because of your emotional baggage that you're carrying around the you've got to try to get rid of but every time you pass through that you come to your moment of triumph you can then start to take on anything because your spirit is lifted and you believe in yourself and I really believe that s she take a step forward. Everything that wants to manifest is going to rush toward you because if anything needs to be manifested or any ideas or whatever it has to come through us as human beings so if we prove that we're an open conduit or that were a willing participant I think then the whole universe or whatever it is out there within become active partners in we. Just keep proving that we can do whatever is being asked of us and that just makes our lives better and better and happier and happier. Nana's building that muscle. It just keeps getting stronger. Their weekly back. So how can doing it in this environment? More socially isolated and for one thing. Most people have a lot more on than they expected to have so to me. This is an ideal time to do something like this. But it's also where we're at mentally and the pressures that were failing. How can pursuing this workbook having completing this turn all this into a positive experience so in the workbook the reason that I put a time constraint on it like I ask people to decide on a deadline of when they want complete whatever creative project that they take on and I recommend a month just because it's something that's manageable for the workbook but it can be any length of time but and the reason I do that is because I WANNA put pressure? I want to challenge you to the point that you have to confront what's going to get in your way so the fact that we're now forced into that in two `isolation and have this pressure on us. That's just an added bonus. Almost I know that's word to say but an added bonus to the program because what I want is to be able to bring up all of this stuff baggage. That's within you to be able to learn to burn it off so that you're free of it and when we come out of this you'll be a different person because what the universal story really is is a journey of transformation so that you can transform a from the small you who's tripped up by your emotions and negative thinking or your belief systems or whatever into this greater being you become transformed and become closer to who you came here. You know that you manifested here or incarnated here to become. It's such a timely and powerful workbook. They you've created in some ways. It reminds me of the artist's way but it's very different from that. It has that same kind of feel to it though in terms of helping you move through this part of your life well and I want people to take on as something exciting because the payoff at the end. I really can't tell you because I've worked through a lot of my own baggage. I've had a lot of things that I've had to get rid of in order to manifest the dreams that I have and so. I know that euphoria the excitement the sense of confidence and security. That comes when you believe in yourself fully and when someone gets through this. How do you hope that it would change? And once they complete the work book. What's your greatest vision for them is it? It's empowering that it gets them charged up and energized and to get them to think differently to believe differently to let go of the mundane around us of banality of life and not judge who they are but the standards of everybody around us by our jobs or who we hang out with or what we look like or whatever it is.

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