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News one O 3.5 FM and WTO dot com Traffic and weather together on the age we've got a rich hunter now in the traffic center All right still see the remnants of the crash stop M 95 before you get down to the fairfax county Parkway exit one 66 that remains on the left shoulder looks like the car is loaded up so they may not be there that much longer but again all lanes are open and you get by without delay 95 nor found from Fredericksburg up to the beltway in Springfield good start this morning so far so good despite the wet roads traffic is moving along with that incident or delay and the express signs have now been open to northbound travelers as well so you have that as an option three 95 north between developing the 14th street bridge looking good Again the express lanes are available to use there as well 66 east from haymarket to Rosalind and the Roosevelt bridge nothing in your way so far Both sides of the George Washington park were in good shape between the beltway and maclean and old town Alexandria and even the stretch south of the belly and Alexandria have a down toward Mount Vernon also moving well in both directions Now over in analytic county a stretch essential avenue remains closed just east of beard's point road and brick church road that as a result of high standing water in the roadway again the creek over there has come over its banks so that's why as the road is shut down for the moment traffic is being turned around each way as a result would be prepared for that If you're traveling into the district for now no major issues to report on I two 95 north or D.C. two 95 south headed into downtown early this morning rich hunter WTO traffic rich thank you Now your storm team four four day forecast here is NBC four's duck camber Storm team four tracking some better weather as we make our way through the next couple of days after all The Rain and snow.

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