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Reverse heart disease and you don't are the February two our American cancer society guidelines say that fundamental to cancer therapy should be the diet that I recommend and no doctors recommend it I can tell you right now here broom Terrick rightist movements also have colitis Crohn's disease etcetera Bob in my hands are as common as curing constipation in other words people get a sense of relief from forty seven days and if you're not here and I really need it and I will I will put up the data for the cure heart disease diabetes and the care of autoimmune diseases any medical professionals listening for any signs of glistening it's well published on my scientific data my website so why not get rid of these diseases why not avoid cold water in factors the reason that people under the age of sixty five all the way down to thirteen years of age Diane Cole Moberg factors it's not just the elderly is because their immuno compromised and I have it here the cure is to eat a diet that people traditionally eight and that the starch based diet let me give you six issues in China during the H. one and one clue compared to Toronto where they eat the American diet are the death rate will drop so forty years ago was twice as high as the China let me give you a current example Italy northern Italy have the death rate about eight times what it is I want you to focus on what they eat in northern Italy which is a reflection of what the youth in Spain which is a reflection of the western diet which will even U. S. how much did that to countries like the US South Korea China but people are still on a diet based on right the fruits of vegetables they have Gerry from minimalist stance and they had me well not the mothers trying to it's not a bad meat more than once a day I mean it's rare and this all changed in nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty the journal American medical association thank you to thirteen point thirteen journal medical medical suction record results of Chinese and they said before nineteen eighty the Chinese people at your them R. one percent chance of the ball quite diabetes and since nineteen eighty thirty five years they develop population was twelve percent have co morbid factor type two diabetes and that clear half of Chinese population suffers from prediabetes so you know what I'm trying to say is look around you and everybody dance all Americans are overweight they have high blood sugars your email compromise another words don't start thinking you'll don't have caramels comorbid factors you are at high risk now the nice thing is is within well I run a ten day program I have data that spans over here in Oregon health and science university the good news is is that when people hear this message and for example we deem and corn and rice and you eat a few vegetables and fruits and you give up things that are rock soon when your electricity goes off in your refrigerator if you think you're gonna fill your refrigerator with chicken fish beef or cheese and set their during what's going on and expect to eat yourself now I have a hundred pounds of food in in in my storage room and R. O. B. L. E. in fact Merion I plan on P. for the next two months and all we have to do is take the beans and dried corn and the right and I pray I eat like you know like human beings it's costly I just finished a rice curry dishes yeah caters in corn all it's missing is the yellow and brown instructing okay now holders disease causing that Americans have become accustomed to that they cannot eat unless they cover it with ketchup start our salt only get that giving up is nothing what your opinion is the loss of coal morbid disease as a chance.

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