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Ahead of him what would what would the tennis fan wanna put djokovic ahead of nidal too i'm not i'm not versed in tennis enough to give you the clearcut answer there i know that on a sunday morning wear were still in the summer or their snow like football threegame on we're still early enough in baseball season where your team you'll watch their games but i doubt like the morning of you've got anything ritually going on with them nba finals in stanley cup final wrapping up us open next week that will give you some good that'll be alive sporting event in the morning or early afternoon that'll be worth watching i would i would i would say this even if i were doing this show today i would probably water watch some of the french open final because nidal what nidal us about to do i'm willing to convince myself or close to convinced i won't see something like this again so getting back to what i said earlier this hour the belmont stakes i've seen a triple crown winner now i appreciate horse racing but i love it there are certain things about it i don't care for it's not a sport to me that really grabs me outside of the cultural event that is the kentucky derby so when i put the belmont stakes on if i do it it's more because there's a either nothing else on on board or i bet on it like it's not because i'm super excited to watch it like i've been waiting all day for up in ninety nine percent of the time i would say that about a tennis sporting event to but this to me just seems this to be almost seems like it's under the radar today and it shouldn't be but we have somebody going for ten major championships in one major no one's even close to that in french open history so i'm already looking at some of my tweets on this on the doll from tennis fans not that there are many who i i'm looking at what amounts like four or five tweets on this i don't wanna make it sound like a there's an avalanche of comments that have come.

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