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Time is now eighteen minutes before eight from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly israel's military is launching more air strikes today in the gaza strip a day after nearly sixty palestinian demonstrators were killed along the border by rayleigh troops israel says eleven hamas targets were hit in these latest airstrikes jonathan conrad gases with israel's defense force he blames hamas they're using demonstrators and riot those in order to launch at our security fence the same fence as that is here to protect these rarely communities that'll just a running distance away yesterday's violence erupted after six weeks of demonstrations as the us officially opened its new embassy in jerusalem at a un security council meeting this morning us ambassador nikki haley said moving the embassy from tel aviv does not undermine the prospects for peace in the middle east in any way authorities in canada say parts of british columbia are dealing with severe flooding and as dan carpenter reports it could get worse before the end of the week weather forecasters say soaring temperatures and rain could send rivers to their highest levels in one hundred years by the end of the week officials say the snowpack is melting very quickly causing rivers to rise steadily about three thousand people have been forced to leave their homes with another fifteen hundred on standby most have been warned not to return until at least the end of next week at least two dozen communities have issued states of emergency i'm dave mattingly npr news in washington seven forty three now.

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