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You over to gather so really highly touted player a high school a major prone against pursue your you could say well that thing else six me what IT Richard junior out of Atlanta I gather it's a nice store to guard position at Tyler poly a six eight shooter beer bar Florida very good three point shooter he's part of the best three point gatal the parameters well and they'll play us some reserves a way he's been there a couple years out of North Carolina Adams of bettors brother was a player a previously at U. kada city Wilson transfer site John so they'll go later that day Jeff at their table averages seventy point eight points per game seven in the late day don't shoot a particular well nigh could field goal percentage at forty one point eight three point field goal percentage not bad there six Italy thirty two point three good rebounding basketball team that's what do they do plus six all the year rebounding a margin you know going into tonight's game but club the topics will be challenged a little bit you have to play a lot of poor out warning in so you'll see one guy the post for guys on the parameter he likes to do that a budget this is but a series is but a lot of crazy games the survey the they're a very physical team usually the Tigers better number little bit recently yeah which is good to say if this is the last time we will see you caught at FedExForum the course are leaving the league next year they're going back to the big gazed at their company in Iraq I think probably will it is staying as you mentioned lady chapel a very a radic temple teenage years well Lester bodily sixty to seventy eight ever six twelve to Aphrodite league not a great year last year for but you know they're gonna be up the Tigers on the calendar to play this weekend Matt take a look at the rotation tonight just quickly Tigers play ten but really it was about a seven person rotation it tonight so not sure if that's just.

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