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All right pittsburgh steelers fans welcome back to the second segment of less ride again. The steelers preview. I'm sorry. I get so comfortable. Saying that i apologize. That's that's great. Because that's what an institution coming and i'm not joking because you know i'm the podcast producer. 'cause you're like you could. You could brag on your own show but when you have me bragging on the show how much i love it and how much. It's making my job easier. That's if you're not. I'm not talking to you if you're not listening to. Let's ride if it is the great the great show. I appreciate that. I take a lot of pride in it. I i definitely enjoy doing it. If if anyone no one's this youtube facebook crowds. Y'all don't listen to our podcast nuts. Fine by all means. I would hope that you would check us out on the podcast. I did not just my show. But michael back on the live. Mike every tuesday dave on Stat geek and we are going to expand our our platform a little bit. Closer to training camp will give you more details on that coming up. I'm just trump pen. Okay so we're three in on the sleeper picks You had terrell edmonds. You had go ahead name three again. So i went with terrell edmonds or brown and james washington. Okay and i went with anthony mcfarland. Woo woo. kenny woo antoine. brooks junior and carlos davis all right. Let's go back to offense an offense a player ready. Yeah i do now. You went with one running back. I'm gonna go with another and a lot of people are going to roast me for this. Because they're gonna say this guy's not going to make the team but if i'm number thirty eight jalen samuels. Don't tell me. I'm not making the team. I'm going to do everything i can to make this team. The fact that he has had a lot of great success in college he was drafted because of his success running in the system and receiving in the system of mark ca canada. So i was gonna mark canada so that was going to be another guy along with bill. Tomlin that you guys get a lot of fun whip. But what i'm saying about jalen samuels. He's not done yet. he doesn't think he's done yet if he's going to do everything he can to make this team and the odds are against him right now. So what. I'm going to say jalen samuels could be the guy not the guy that he's not going to be. He's not going to take over. Najji harris he. But you've seen what he can. Do you saw what he can do. On december seventeenth two thousand eighteen against the new england patriots. You saw that great effort. He has the talent to do it with candidate here. I actually think he's going to do something. He clings to that one game. Pretty hard I guess we do not him so brian just real quick you. How running backs the steelers keeping. Let's not count the fullback counting dare back. I'm thinking for okay. So who's your four. We know nause harris mcfarland. You think jalen samuels. Your fourth is i. I'm not going with balaj here on still going with benny snell. Okay all right. That's fine jay. Joyce has a lot of people in the live chat. Disagree. that's fine. that's that's why we do. Were supposed to agree all the time. I'm going to stay with offense and is going gonna be A rookie but i think that this rookie could actually help his team a lot. More than people think and that is bad. Fridays when i put out that poll on twitter a lot of people you know Pat for just going to be used as a blocker. He might be just more red zone target. I think you are forgetting did. This guy was in athletic player at penn state. he was not just a Some people were setting them up like he's matt spaeth. I'm just gonna come in and block. You know do do i think. And maybe i'll catch a few every now and then that to me that is not pad for armies game and i could be wrong. I could be completely wrong. And it wouldn't be the first time nor will be the last time. But i think the farmers is gonna give this team dynamic. That they haven't had in a long time he is more of a heath miller like a security blanket. Or whatever you wanna call it four. Benjamin todd rothlisberger then has been wanting that player in its on yvonne yvonne. That kind of player. He's not that kind of tight end. I think that he is going to At farming is gonna have a great year. I don't think he's gonna light up the scoreboard or anything like that. But i think people are gonna really be excited about what he brings to this offense going into twenty twenty two. He's going to surprise some people. And that's why. I'm on the sleeper side Pat me's that's you're going to hear news at heinz field when he makes the catch. It'll be fun. I hope he has a great year and he should. He's a second round pick. He should be contributed. So all right. We have two more two more brian. You say some of them. Yeah i agree with you on everything that you said except for one thing. I don't consider him a sleeper. Because i took expected to come in but everything you run there. I mean that's why i went with him because i think a lot of people he is tight end to. He's t to on the on the depth chart. He's behind ebron. I think a lot of people believe that lebron's going to be the one that plays over time and then friday is only going to be used with two tight end sets. I don't see it that way. I think there's gonna be chances. There's going to be times where they don't put a hebron revealed in us out there. And i think that that might work to his advantage. So that's not against ebron It's just that i think for me there blocker. He's more of a two way tied in and they haven't had one of those in a what so. Let me stay at tight end and let me stay with the guy that you were. Just talking about eric. Ebron either gazette gentry. I was like please. That's like i would go. Kevin reiter i kevin reiter would be on my radar before going to bring up eric ebron and the reason i'm going to bring him up is because we everybody in the live chat you throw out your ebron socks okay. Look he had seven drops last year..

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