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Right now. Pennsylvania is looking at counting roughly 100,000 or so ballast to go. 6.7 million have already been cast. We do know that a majority of balance they're still being counted here in Philadelphia, as well as in Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh. Those two areas that are expected to do vote in large numbers for Joe Biden. We also do know that of these outstanding ballot. The majority of them are melon dollars, and those have been breaking heavily for Joe Biden as well. He has a lead right now roughly 14 or 15,000 votes. That margin is expected to grow as these final votes are counted. Officials here being very careful about when they think discounting might conclude, they said earlier in the week, it could be as early as tonight. At another caution. You could take a little bit more time. You're right about the lawsuits. There have been many here in Pennsylvania in the weeks and days after the election as well. There's been a lot of legal interest here. With Republicans looking at provisional ballots in court and whether or not some of those could be challenged looking at these votes that came in after election before election Day, up up until 8 p.m. but are now being processed because under the law, they could be accounted if they're received. Bye bye by that point s, so there's a lot going on here. Judy. By again. Officials are urging patients here because it will take some time Dan given that it's still unresolved..

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