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Is neither fair nor balanced so it's be interesting to see whether that hampers the murdochs in their empire building across the pond and i think that's one of the reasons why you've seen the murdoch's visa proactiv about changing fart snoozing ousting people and getting rid of the fair and balanced slogan i think that they are trying to it please convey the impression that they're making real positive changes of the company flow leave but we'll see thank you matt thank you at matt belony editorial director of the hollywood reporter if you remember very little else about the classic norman lear sitcoms one day at a time you probably remember this now the ninety four year old lear has overseen a reboot of the show and that song sounds like this the one the original one day at a time start funny franklin as a newly singlemother raising two teenage daughters in indianapolis in nineteen 75 when the show started its nineseason run that kind of family setup was not the usual thing depicted on television divorce with against everything i've ever been in power but i know i to do it now more than forty years after the original debuted the new netflixing one day at a time still focuses on a single mom raising a couple of kids but this time the family is cuban and lives in the la neighborhood of echo park mom penelope played by justino machado list with a daughter and a son as well elyse her mother lydia played by rita merano in the first episode the women of the house find themselves at odds as daughter elena played by isabela gomez balked at the idea of a traditional celebration of her upcoming fifteenth birthday authored does not want to have a consists why are we already the room and i found a great fan okay it's a dj okay it's not what an ablaze but it's a very good blaming as history of qian's yet another totally misogynistic she's bearer anything again why do you have read the idea of rebooting one day at a time with a latino cast came from brent miller an executive at norman lear as act three productions lear and miller hired a guest today gloria calderon kellet to develop the show before one day at a time.

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