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Or which had closed playgrounds before the state. The reversal comes after a letter co signed by several lawmakers was sent to the governor asking for the closure of playgrounds to be taken out of the stay at home. Order. Chris and Carl Okay, if I news the FDA could give approval as soon as tomorrow for visors, covert 19 vaccine. If that happens, the vaccine could start being distributed within hours. Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski with Operation Warp speed. The main challenge, he says, with the main challenge with the code vaccine is convincing people that it's safe. The science that went into this that the oversight they wanted. This is gold standard, and that our scientists are pharmacy are farmers and political companies here in the United States of the best ever, and we just want to make sure that everybody gets this vaccine because we got to get our lives back. Health care workers and people who live in long term care facilities will likely be first to get the vaccine. Amnesty International another. Human rights groups, say billions of poorer people may not be able to easily get a covert 19 vaccine because rich countries have bought more than enough doses. World Health Organization is supporting a global vaccine program called Kovacs, which Seeks to make sure covert vaccines are distributed evenly throughout the world. 189 countries have joined the program. The U. S is not one of them. Former California Congresswoman Katy Hill has gotten a restraining order against her ex husband. Now. Hill claims her ex choked her several times during sex and encouraged his dogs to attack. Some of her pets. Now Hill was elected in 2018 to represent part of northern L, a county and a small part of insuring county. She resigned from Congress. Less than a year later, after admitting she had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a woman who worked for her. He'll blame her husband for leaking nude photos of her. Joe Biden's son. Hunter is being investigated by the feds. In a new statement from Hunter Biden sent by the Biden transition, the younger Biden says he learned Tuesday that the U. S attorney's office in Delaware is investigating his tax affairs. Hunter. Biden says he's confident that a professional objective review will show he handled his affairs legal inappropriately. The investigation focuses on business dealings connected to China, among other financial transactions, and that it's been going on since at least a year before Joe Biden announced he was even running for president. Snack mascots. Life is nuts. No, Mr Peanut's not dead, and he's not a baby. But in fact, this latest generation of the planters peanut mascot is turning 50. This nut's name is Bart. As in Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald smiled for his birthday. The neti companies come up with a celebration of a new holiday line of merchandise that includes ugly sweaters, ornaments and more. As for why the various Mr Peanut's keep going through bizarre age gaps, according to Bart's Twitter, he says, If you think the holidays or nutty you haven't experienced the peanut aging process. Jennifer Jones Lee Ko Phi News Way have a crash.

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