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M. T. you're listening to weekend on the BBC world service with me Celia Hatton polls have just opened in Austria around six point four million voters will be choosing a chancellor after the incumbents Sebastian Kurz very useful thirty three year old with a slick hair cut was ousted along with his coalition partners following a scandal Bethany bell is in Vienna with us now Bethany remind us how we got to this point to the I beat the gate scandal. the I. B. C. gate scandal am I merged in may see full my head of the junior coalition partner in government back then the far right Freedom policies thanks Christian Schlosser was cool secretly films on video in a villa in the visa promising a woman who was pretending to be the niece of a Russian oligarch lucrative government contracts this video was leaked to to to German newspapers and as a result of that scandal Mr stuff has stepped down as a consequence the coalition with Sebastian quits his Conservative Party fell apart and then Mr Kutz himself lost a vote of no confidence in parliament at and you elections were cold and in the meantime all street has been ruled by a technocrats caretaker government led to by Austria's first female chancellor brigade to be aligned who's the uniform of president of Austria's highest quote end is Sebastian courts he's running again what are his chances. he's he's helping them to you come at charts rebel street again against him running the social Democrats the center left social Democrats the far right Freedom Party under then you need to know but tool for the greens and stunned the small liberal neo posse now the question is. Austria will have to have it we we think another coalition government after these elections will that be a renewal all of Z. alliance between the conservatives in the far right Freedom Party will that be an alliance with the social Democrats who would it possibly be a three way pact between say the conservatives the greens and the liberal mail is very much will depend on how the Austrians that today Kurtz his has himself has warned that that left leaning part parties could gain more votes than predicted and could band together to form a coalition without him do you think that's likely. it's a possibility usually what happens is that when the rich the voting is at an end the president of Austria will give the leader of the strong this policy a mandate to enter coalition talks with all the different policies and then the Randy will will begin and said coalition talks in ostrich additionally take quite a long time and this time it could be even longer than ever but we wait to see how people vote today. how do voters feel about turning out for another election is there any enthusiasm. I also have a loss of elections in the last two three years and this of course was an early election the last general election was back in two thousand seventeen and I think and it's one of the interesting things has been help people who viewed the the cats take a technocrat government said another it has had quite good ratings in the opinion polls people feel that it's done a good job that it's helpful XIV that ring you trust in government after all the stormy period but of course the caretaker government hasn't tackled some of the most at this ical decisions and facing Austria at the moment it's it's put into place a number of things that to the Austrians felt needed to be done but then of course everyone recognizes that set the political parties will of course come back thank you that was Bethany bell speaking from Vienna. police in Hong Kong have fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters who are marking five years since the start of what became known as the umbrella movement it was a campaign of civil disobedience and protest in the.

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