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So pass the word now just to recap a couple of things first of all. Those who came in late shows Cutback thirty minutes. We're having some issues and we need some support so anybody can throw a hey. I liked this program. Storm pod beans a thumbs up. We appreciate it can donate donate to store data media dot online. We're not gonna shut down. But we're going to have a little bit shorter show for a while and i don't have a problem with that is the starting to get burned out with forty five minutes shows. You're probably getting burned out listening for forty five minutes anyway. So we're gonna be ending at ten thirty tonight and also a reiteration of the fact that we do have a Donald trump is starting some kind of a social media thing. Thank you marilyn. I'm not sure what it is or what he's doing with it but he did create a company and the stock ticker for that company is d. As in david w was whiskey. A isn't alpha c. As in charlie. Dwa see as stock ticker. Let's go by all the stock we can this company. Let's get a voice other than the mainstream media. Wac's donald trump's company now it's digital world acquisition corp digital world acquisition corp by some stock one share by. Ken shared by hundred shares. Let's let's make this thing go viral. I'll be posting on social media. And i'll probably be bringing up the topic of next week's podcast get more information what he's doing whatever he's doing. I saw support at one hundred percent. I hope you folks do to.

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