Apple FaceTime bug turns your iPhone into hot mic


I'm my kids are apple heads. But and they're trying to get my wife and me to get an iphone. I've got no interest. I I like my my Android experience and have for for a long time here. But this reminded me, do you remember there was a story? I want to say it was six seventy years ago. Maybe even longer where the claim was that even if your phone was off, I'm not talking about the screen is timed out. Your phone is just stamp. I'm talking about. There was a story that if your phone was powered down, and it was even a story that even if your battery was out, I don't know how the hell that could possibly be true. That there were government agency spy agencies like CIA or the NSA, whomever. Some of these spy agencies, and who knows about all little divisions and wings and arms. But there was a story that they could actually turn on your phone and use it as a microphone, so even if your cell phone was in your house or office or wherever and it was off that the story was is that the feds can actually turn it on and use your phone as a bug as a microphone. I remember. I heard this story years ago five eight years ago. So if you can maybe dig up one of the old stories, I'll give me a reference on the time. And I don't think I've heard of this since so I don't know if it was older devices or but it's peaked in its intrigue me I want to go back and do some research. I just didn't have time. And I I thought about it with his apple story. So before we grab some phone calls. Eight hundred. Eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine the nationwide number eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine the funeral story. And as I set the story up and I teased this earlier in the hour. And I said, hey, I've got the funeral story which I had the story yesterday. I just didn't get around to doing it. But it's very very important story. And I said that this is a story that sort of has a happy ending. And when you when you say funeral or you think of a funeral you don't think of of happiness, but in this case, this kind of a smile on your face. It can bring a tear to your eye. And I thought the story was phenomenal. Because I had I heard about it over the weekend. I I printed the story out. And I I wanted to do it on yesterday's program. But I didn't have time to to to get into it because there's so much breaking news yesterday. And I wanted to give it enough time and not short shrift. The story is out of Texas. And if you've seen this, you know, it's. A wonderful story if you haven't listened it'll take a minute. An air force veteran passed away back in November in Texas by the name of Joseph Walker. And Joseph Walker's family was notified or the family had some communication with the funeral home. And then they dropped off the face of the map and the funeral home could not contact them. So the funeral home knowing that he was a military veteran. An air force veteran. They got with the central Texas State veterans cemetery in Killeen, Texas, and they put out a social media post that essentially they didn't want. This air force veteran to be alone at his funeral ceremony at this central Texas State veterans cemetery in Kaleen, so they put out a message on Facebook and social media, and it goes viral. They were afraid that he would be all alone at his funeral does a seventy two year old, man. Died of natural causes served in the United States Air Force from nineteen sixty four to nineteen sixty eight. He was a resident of Dale, Texas and died on November nineteenth apparently from natural causes. This thing went viral. And there are reports from local Texas media. That hundreds if not thousands showed up to the funeral. The last report I saw that K W T X television. They claim that there were five to six thousand vehicles in line. That's incredible. So the family was originally contacted about his passing they made contact. But then they couldn't. They couldn't contact the family again. And that's when they they put out this call on social media. And it went completely and totally viral. It was even a contingent looks like I'm looking at a picture here. We'll like dozens and dozens of air force airmen from Fort Hood, Texas in full uniform and American flags they showed up. Which again. It's a nice story. That he was not buried alone. Now, Mark George who is part of the central Texas combat vets motorcycle ministry services, he said at the funeral today. We're not strangers today. We are family. This is our brother Joseph Walker like a lot of other vets he signed the blank check for our nation. So just a a nice story. With a happy ending. And it just shows that the social media can be used for a lot of good and not a lot of the crap that we see today. Ted Cruz Senator Cruz from Texas even tweeted out over the weekend. Air force veteran. Joseph Walker be laid to rest Monday. And no one is expected to attend the cemetery said, they don't know what his family is. And they do not want him to be alone or they don't want it to be laid to rest alone. So they're asking the public to attend this. A a lot of. Social media posts on this. And again, some reports had five thousand plus vehicles. And I I saw video and pictures of a massive crowd at this funeral. So certainly a good story. And believe it or not Jake tapper from CNN and Ted Cruz, actually teamed up, and they tried to help spread the social media word. Also, I don't know if I'm going to get to this hour, but there is crazy video and audio of a woman that fat shames to larger individuals on a United Airlines flight earlier this month from. From Las Vegas to Newark. It was the United Airlines flight there's video audio and this woman was seated in the middle seat between two large passengers and just instead of handling this in a quiet subdued fashion by asking the flight attendant privately for help. If you're getting squished, you're getting squashed this lady made a scene, and I want to get into that coming up in just a bit as well. We also have the top intelligence chiefs their commentary on North Korea and other geopolitical situations, we have the North Korean summit coming up with President Trump the second one supposedly at the end of next month in February and there's a lot of concern. And as I've told you all along the North Koreans and Kim Jong Hoon are showing absolutely no Willard desire to actually dismantle. And the way I see it. As Trump is. Getting rope a dope like all the other previous negotiations with North Korea. The question is what will President Trump do about that? So we'll get to that coming up. All right. Let me grab a couple of calls. And then I want to get into this the CNN situation with Trump and the tweeting and this this viper book. And I think Trump made a mistake. I'll explain in just a bit. I to the phones let's grab Tom in Illinois. Tom your first up today on Schnitt. Welcome to the program. Thank you. Atop a little louder for me. Please. Thank you. Go ahead. I'm calling and these people that's problem for the president United States. Isn't that liberals? They want free Medicare for all do they not realize people work all her life. The Medicare, and then we may draw Medicare they've got to get a supplemental insurance. So we actually pay for insurance. How are they going to pay? These people probably never worked in the ride and all the legal immigrants coming across the border and its costs four to five trillion dollars out here again, listen even even Schultz, even even the liberal Howard Schultz from Starbucks who's threatening independent run. He's saying we can't afford this. I mean, it's it's preposterous. And of course, what they really want is universal single payer and they want socialized medicine, and you know, what happens to quality was socialized medicine worldwide. Thanks for the call. I appreciate it, Tom. Hey, sponsor this half hour on

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