Anti-vaxxers linked to spread of measles outbreak in US

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We told you Clark county Washington is seeing a measles outbreak. It's it's right outside Portland. Oregon and remember measles is super contagious. Health officials have been worried that if someone infected travels to a big city you could be looking at a wider problem. There are new developments this evening into spread of measles that outbreak. But recently a case popped up near Seattle. And now two people have come down with the measles. Inigo? Why these are not coincidences health officials say they contracted the disease in the Pacific northwest ABC's chief national correspondent that gunman is there in Portland where officials are on alert met that sounds alarming. I mean, what happened with these people in Hawaii would happen to them is that they took easels to Hawaii Brad. Apparently this outbreak obviously started here in the Portland slash Vancouver Washington area. There were a dozen public places and about ten emergency rooms and clinics that had exposure, and the incredible thing about the measles is if you get it you are not likely to die that is very unlikely. But. It is incredibly contagious. It is called spectacularly contagious. It can linger in the air for two hours after an infected person left the room, and you can carry it without knowing it for seven to twenty one days. So these boys who flew to Hawaii from Portland apparently were carriers of measles on that plane. And once they landed in Hawaii where they were quarantined for few days, and then sent back home once they were no longer contagious. But still you don't know what happened on that plane. What was going to say? So so at this point, we're still talking about like dozens of cases here, right? We're not talking about hundreds and not talking about thousands. What what is as you talk to public health officials? What is the appropriate amount of worry here? It's a good question. I don't think the public health officials really know what they told us is that they do expect the outbreak to grow. Now, not only does it take a exposure. And we had significant exposures in places like the trailblazers basketball arena the airport. I. Keo, Costco, big places were lots of people go. Oh, it was just like if you went to this Portland Trail Blazers game like you. You might have been exposed to the measles. Like, it's that serious. Yeah. There were nineteen thousand people there apparently. But and here's key the vast majority of those people have already been vaccinated for memoir. That's measles. Mumps rubella. And so they're not likely to get it. Well, then most of the people who've gotten it are people who were not vaccinated like you said, what do we know about the anti vaccine movement? If you wanna call it that in in Washington, and in Oregon woth, why is it more prevalent in one area than another do, we know? Well, the reason that we are seeing an outbreak here is because this has one of the lowest immunization rates in the country. Thank has about a seventy eight percent immunization rate for children eight six to eighteen years old, which is low there are some schools here that have immunization rates Brad that are in the twenties meaning that eighty seven or seventy seven percent of the kids in these schools have not been immunized. That's incredible. I have concerns about the safety of XI's. So they're hesitant to do a vaccine on the other hand, he's anti Baxter's or people who are hesitant about vaccine say you can't trust everything the government says, and there is plenty of anecdotal information out there saying that you can get sick. And they don't want to expose their kids to these vaccines. Just yet. That's really unfortunate. They're doing damage. They're doing serious damage because death can result from this. But public health officials warned that they're a danger disability, and they say, it's as simple as that. You have reported making actually spoke with some experts recently who said on average parents who oppose vaccinations are typically well educated they're generally more affluent. And in fact, I didn't know this outbreaks here often start when Americans come back from the more measles, prone Europe, so money to

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