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This one. Sports flash. And Jim the dodgers have given manager. Dave Roberts a four year extension after taking the team to the World Series. The last two years job security NBA a little different. It's not even Christmas and there've already been to coaching changes. The bulls today fired Fred Hoiberg with the team at five and nineteen birth being replaced by assistant Jim Boylan after going one fifteen and one fifty five and a little more than three seasons. The raptors go for their ninth in a row when they host the nuggets who have won their last five Toronto eight and one so far against the Western Conference this year, and they expect to have Kyle Lowry back after he missed Saturday's win with a sore back. The warriors continue their road trip in Atlanta of curry returned over the weekend with twenty seven points on Saturday. The new AP top twenty five poll is out the top four remained unchanged. Gonzaga Kansas Duke in Virginia while Michigan moves up to number five. The eagles host the Redskins tonight. Washington is six and five trying to stay. Stay with Dallas in the NFC east or have to go the rest of the way without quarterback, Alex Smith, the Panthers today shaking things up firing defensive line coach Brady Hoke and secondary. Coach Jeff Imamura after their fourth straight loss yesterday in Tampa Bay. I'm rich Ackerman. Injuries suspensions. Cuts in twenty more. I on fantasy football Saturday night at ten eastern seven Pacific on CBS sports radio. Catch inside the huddle with Michael Savage, weekdays ten to one on sports talk. Ten fifty WT gay ticket. From a bear messing up the car interior to a dear damaging the pool liner, we've covered it talked to farmers. We.

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