Markets surge after US-China trade truce


Lived in Britain for decades, but were deported after being wrongly classified as illegal immigrants. It's emerged that about fifty people who were incorrectly deported to Ghana Nigeria last year have still not been contacted by a task force to help those affected. Researchers in Britain say a new stem cell technique could offer an effective and non invasive treatment for people suffering from osteoarthritis the first scientific trial to be carried out on human tissue suggests patient's own cells could be used to repair damaged joints. Would you see the need for surgery? BBC news. Welcome to hard talk on the BBC World Service with me, Steven Saka Britain is facing up to its moment of truth on bricks it and just a few days, the UK parliament will decide whether to accept or reject. The departure terms agreed by British Prime Minister, Theresa may and the leaders of the EU twenty seven, but this is a moment of truth for all of Europe to if as seems likely the deal is rejected Britain will be plunged into political crisis. But the repercussions will be enormous and potentially grave for the EU as a whole my guest knows that better than most to new to hook nose sits on the Brexit steering group in the European parliament. She's a former polish EU Commissioner, and she knows the importance of ensuring Britain doesn't exit the union without meeting its financial obligations. A host of problems are not hard to see there's the particular vulnerability of the Irish economy and. The serious implications for cross channel trade and many of the biggest exporters. Understandably. Much of the focus right now is on Britain's political crisis. But is the EU ready for the chaos that might unfold while the neuter who joins me now on the line from Brussels. Welcome to hard talk. Welcome to you as well. I talked about the fateful decision. Facing the British parliament, how closely are you and others at the heart of power in Brussels. Watching the events unfold in the UK right now, we have been I think watching I can say safely. The what's going on in UK from the very beginning of this. First of all of this announcement back many years ago of the future referendum, then also they deal with Mr Cameron in February two thousand sixteen and then of course, the referendum which was said big bad surprise to me personally. And then of course, the notification, and then we organize also ourselves in the parliament in such a way that we could not only follow but also contributes to the negotiations. We have been also briefed the basically weekly by Michelle Baena, the chief U negative or on the progress in the negotiations Sunday challenges in the negotiations just a few days ago. Theresa May and the EU twenty-seven leaders agreed on the withdrawal agreement treaty. It's going to be and they also agreed agreed on a framework for the future relationship between the EU twenty seven and Briton after that deal was done. John young. The president of the commission said this is the best deal possible. In fact, this is the only deal possible where not to take him entirely seriously, all we I think one should take it seriously because after all the negotiations actually reached an agreement and if you look at. At our watches. If you look at them, we can see that the time is really disappearing got very very quickly. And we have very limited time now to finalize the whole process, and you can see on the basis of what is going on now in in UK that it is at the political element. The political the discussion the approval or rejection of the and also on our side, we need to go through the procedure which requires also some months, so we are actually in a moment where we cannot waste more time. And we cannot you mentioned that they can make something called going back to the table entry negotiate anything. I don't think this that Mr. younger has exaggerated. I think there is nothing hidden as a as a plan b here even the sensitivity of the time. And as you say, the talk is ticking and everything now needs to happen very quickly. How wise do you think it was for Emmanuel Macron, a French president right after the signing of the deal at leadership level? Why? Was it for him to come out until Europe's press that in his view, France and the EU now had a major lever which they could use over Britain. He described the backstop arrangement by which the British will stay in a customs union. If there is no future agreement on a trade relationship by December twenty twenty he described that backstop, arrangement indefinite arrangement as a tool and a lever. Which would ensure that FRANZ got what it wanted on fisheries, for example, that was very damaging wasn't it? When you think back the last two years, and if you remember what politicians set for the home purpose of coping quo talking to the public at at home that a lot of unnecessary things have been said, and I think this language of of using every opportunity to speak to our own electric. Our only public. I think sometimes also damaging because today when you speak. Here's something immediately on the other continent. They also know the same thing in the same moment. So yes, I think certain things are definitely an unnecessary. And especially that I think there is no we have been avoiding up to now this trade of approach, and we have never linked anything to to to the other thing. So I don't think this is one of the negotiations that have been so far maintained and I trust it will be awesome maintained in the future. Well, I guess forgive me for interrupting, but I guess what I'm getting to is the point that many people in Britain who support what is called a hard Brexit, and I could think of people like Boris Johnson. The former UK foreign secretary whom you know, well, Jacob rees-mogg and others. They described the deal that has been done by Theresa May as a form of capitulation a form of surrender. They use this word vacillated to indicate that the EU will retain power and control over many aspects of Britain's economy and Britain's life with Britain having no say in the future at the EU table, can you as a poll, and of course, the polls have their own skepticism about elements of the European Union. Can you understand that concern that there is in Britain today? You know, we have been responding. I also personality have invested a lot of my time in the whole process to make this really as friendly as possible process of of separation. Of two sides that have had good times in the past. And that would like to have also deep close relationship in the future. And I think that we have to maintain this absolutely this spirit. And but also what you could hear an, and I would say maybe in particular from the British politicians, very often the comments which were very far from reality, which have been even knowing the the way the European Union functions and structured there have been a lot of intention, also which I think unnecessary to force the community of it will be four hundred forty probably million inhabitants. Swansea UK to change the rules on which we have built our unity and our functioning single market our customs union. So I guess that the time has come now that the politicians would just really start talking to people seriously about the consequences of no deland about also understanding and explain. To the people the deal that is really on those five hundred eighty five pages. Well, let's strip away any any misinformation. And let's get down to reality day. You will know as well as I do that the mathematics Theresa May at the moment looks terrible. It looks very very difficult to win a majority in the house of Commons for this deal. So I would imagine you would agree that it's incumbent upon the EU side as well as the British side to begin to think about what will happen if the UK parliament rejects the deal down there are various propositions for a renegotiation of the agreement. Are you telling me that it's too late for any renegotiation or is there room for more talk? Well, all I can say is probably the has been sent over the last days on on our side by all the leaders at the European institutions level, but also at national level that we have finalized negotiations, and what we discussed already this question of of the no time to to start from scratch and also

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