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We learned without fail. I see Seth wicker sham Cleveland Browns. And I immediately just like knee-jerk reaction started rubbing my hands together. Menacingly like, oh, we're about to do it cause if you guys forget Seth wicker sham was a writer for us here at ESPN. One of our senior staff writers owner some great headshots we've got pulled up right now on Google, and he has got a spectacular gays. But right now when you hear Seth wicker sham. Bogin, great writer for us walk through the door. You know, something wicked this way come and I don't mean that in a bad way. But you're getting ready to have someone going start poking around in the building the way the New England Patriots found out last year, the article that documented a lot of the tension in that building ended up being a major talking point for the off season. And now the Cleveland Browns Seth wicker sham again. I'm staring at this beautiful headshot. And all I can think is that's the face that looks directly into your eyes and says I'm going to destroy you from the inside out that being said, I think Seth wicker Shamsa, good luck charm, by the way in addition to being a great writer. I think Seth wicker sham is someone that propelled. This patriot team to greatness, sort of reverse psychology Biaggi them a little bit because they needed to feel some of that heat from the outside the galvanized and now they're back in the Super Bowl. Gotta give credit where credit is due but Seth wicker sham again wrote a piece documenting Jimmy really, I think it was centered around Jimmy has lem the Browns owner. Learning more about that. Because the one thing that I don't think especially at the national level. We always give enough credence to is just

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