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Wall. That's the business of the center for Texas. I can assure you then Colorado ever president said he was going to use eminent domain, tone erected. Vary are across the state of Colorado across the rocky mountains of Colorado. He was going to steal the property of our farmers and ranchers to build his medieval wall. There wouldn't be elected leader from our state would support that idea. It tell me that doesn't sound like the guy at the end of the bar. It clearly doesn't that doesn't mean that he wasn't sober. Of course, he was sober. It just means he was being a phony. This is not him. We all are who we are. This is not him it sounded fake and preposterous, but above all there. He was just insulting your intelligence. Right. I mean, a wall is medieval I guarantee it. He's been he's been behind walls all day. And if we were given the privilege of following him around we tried to behind walls all the time. On wall is not medieval walls work. So there. He's just spouting this leftist nonsense. But I think again, the he this is somebody telling him this is staff telling them they brought in some consultant to coach him. He's now got to appeal to the hard left. And maybe it's not in connection with trying to be VP, which is clearly doing maybe it's in connection with just holding onto his Senate seat in Colorado. Right. He may he has every reason to fear that he will be beaten a primary when when he seeks at seat again in twenty two. So the it may now be a matter of trying to prove to the left that he's willing willing to say crazy false things that he's willing to emotionally attacked the opponent. It's it's kind of sad to see at the same time. It's funny. The other piece about whether the shutdown in thirteen stalled Colorado recovery efforts. Listen if it did. And I didn't hear him offer. A single fact on that. But maybe it did if it did then that was wrong. And that's a fair shot. But all of the sudden milk, toast, Michael turning into this wild. And if you watch the video like in earlier, caller said flailing his arms around and and just sounding off like that. Now, that's. That just smells of the consultant. But just be yourself. Right. And where was all this emotion? Ryan, where's it all this emotion before say for all these children of color and other children? He in Denver when he was superintendent of the Denver schools who were never given the chance to reach their full potential because they were left in these failing schools. Michael Bennett opposed true school choice. Where's the emotion for those kids? Michael Bennett, is seems very selective emotion on his part. But more than anything else. It's just in my opinion. Strange. Love your thoughts. Five five four zero five eight to five five also taking calls on Senator gardeners decision to go ahead and support both the president's Bill and the Democrats Bill which would have reopened without funding for the wall. Want to get to that? So some texts coming in five seven seven three nine please remember to lead with the sweat routes to my screen in the studio this one, Dan, are you kidding? Michael Bennett has nothing to fear, Colorado. Republicans are no threat whatsoever. To Michael Bennett. I'd love to hear your thinking on that. Please do call the show. I think Michael Bennett is always has been very vulnerable this one, Dan, Mike Bennett said there wouldn't be a single elected leader in Colorado that would vote for it. I agree. They're all Democrats. Thank you. Texter? This one Dan hunt. Mike cut my cut, Mike. Did we have a hot mic today? Ryan those are awesome hunt. Mike, sir. Usually awesome. I love it when I'm listening to a show and there's a hot mic, but I would imagine whatever we were talking about was fascinating. Dan of os called Senator Bennett the invisible man, the outbursts at least has given away location in the room. That's a good point going back to my point about what a waste of a Senate seat with Michael Bennett. And and really I mean, he has got to be very afraid if the left taking him out in a primary if he intends to seek that Senate seat, again, here's another one Dan with all due respect. Michael Bennett is an idiot. I disagree with that. Michael Bennett is a smart person. Michael Bennett's, an accomplished person, he's not an idiot. He's just a waste of the US Senate seat, he pretends to be one of these moderate types at cetera. But look at his voting record look at his voting record. When has he ever really lead? It's no, it's it's really a waste of the US Senate, and you can bet there are an awful lot of people on the left in Colorado and the energy right now is with the left. Unfortunately, awful lot of people on the left to agree with me that he is a waste of a US Senate seat. So that's probably what's behind this bizarre display today. Dan, Michael Bennett sounds like a baby, I'm embarrassed. He's one of my senators. See, that's that's a good point. Because we, you know, disagreements and ideology, and all this and all that. But that kind of performance today when when somebody is obviously not being their natural self somebody's outside of their their true skin that that is not a good look for the Senator or for the state. So this one says, Dan, if it keeps out Californians, I'm all for it. Alrighty, then that that the quick round on Michael Bennett. We'll go back to our phone lines. Eight five five four zero five eight to five five the number. In the meantime, as as we hit the calls could you run Cutty, please range Shula doing his usual. Great show..

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