ObamaCare: What the latest ruling means to you


The latest ruling on ObamaCare has many folks wondering what's next after a federal judge in Texas rules, it's unconstitutional more. Now from USA radio's Timberg immediate changes to health insurance coverage aren't likely even after a federal judge in Texas rule that ObamaCare is unconstitutional as far as when we can expect to hear something more about this case Headley heath manning is the director of policy with the independent women's forum could drag on for months as it works its way through the court system. People will remember that in two thousand and ten when the Affordable Care Act passed many states led by Florida at that time filed a lawsuit against the individual mandate. And that case was filed the evening that the law. Was signed by President Obama, and it took until two thousand well before the supreme court decided the case. And of course, the rolling everyone remembers where Justice Roberts sided with the majority and said that this was a proper use of Congress's taxing

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