Blackhawks mascot body slams fan


To go around high near fifty for kmox news. I'm Brad Joe. Jason. Good morning. I'm John trout. This is America in the morning from Westwood One news. It's Monday December seventeenth two thousand eighteen coming up on America in the morning in less than a week a chunk of the federal government could be shut down. It comes to absolutely Linda Kenyon in Washington. The family of a seven-year-old girl who died in border patrol custody. Asking for answers family of Jacqueline. Cal McKean is still coping with their profound loss fine. Clayton Neville, the president and his legal team renew attacks on his former fixer Michael Cohen. I'm Bob Costantini in Washington. Taking the Tampa of early election fever, Ryan nobles has polling numbers from Iowa will Ripley has new details on US sanctions on North Korea. Not all workers will lose their jobs as GM closes for US plants. But where will they go on Stephanie Shelton? I'm Jim Bohannon with more odds and ends in the news in just a moment for the three hundred fifty first day of the year. It's all ahead on America in the morning. Seven now after

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