Chicago Bears clinch first NFC North title since 2010


Can Tom Thayer on WBZ m the bears beat the Packers twenty four seventeen inside Soldier Field and the bears or the NFC north champions bears defense bringing the heat five sacks. And couldn't do an African Khalil Mack. And other two from Leonard Floyd. Of course, the bears crowd making it difficult for the Packers operate on the offensive end and head coach Matt Nagy certainly took notice to come out here and just totally dominate that game from start to finish again. It's electrifying. And we we just can't we we can't say it enough. How much we appreciate it? I hope they're enjoying it and our players just absolutely love it. And it's it's just great times for the city, Chicago, Mitch Trubisky. Twentieth. Twenty eight passing two hundred and thirty five yards two scores wanted. Trey Burton the other two Torri Cohen Jordan Howard, a rushing scores. The bears now ten and four game and a half behind the Rams in the NFC. After a Los Angeles loses to the eagles by thirty to twenty three score. And if they. Can somehow tie the Rams in the standings? At season's end, all the breaker and have home field advantage in the first two rounds. But first a week sixteen trip to San Francisco next Sunday three zero five star time while the pre-game beginning at noon. Elsewhere in the NFC north Detroit loses to buffalo. Minnesota beats Miami. Finally to the Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford. He suffers a concussion he's forced out of the game and the sharks going to beat the hawks by seventy three score. And you hope for the bears. Kevin Jackman NewsRadio seven eighty one five point nine FM. Traffic and weather next Delfi news time, ten forty seven. Critics

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