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Deal going down and monumental fashion. Four thirty two to two zero to the prime minister facing a confidence vote tomorrow, the EU saying it's horrified and the path forward joining us live to to try to sort it out for his Bloomberg's Ameri Hordern. Who is Brexit reporter in London Ameri? Thank you for joining us. Let's start with a vote a huge rebuff. Yeah. Two hundred and thirty is how she lost it so catastrophic defeat and more than a third of her own party voted against her. I think that's really critical. You could see here within just the opposition Tories voted against this. They voted against their prime minister and the leader of their party. Now, it's very interesting to see what happens from here because there are many avenues. So we take it day by day. We know tomorrow, I think I should face a no-confidence. That's what labor has called for now highly likely going to survive this vote her own party would after rebel rebel against her. Very heard from the Northern Irish lawmakers who really fear labor take over there behind the prime minister. So once she gets out of the way, it really comes down to being on the negotiating table with the European Union. And we heard that she's expected to go back to the EU to Brussels potentially as early as Thursday. But the European Union is talking tough. We heard from Yonker we heard from Donald tusk. They're basically saying to each make up your mind already, and they say there's no point in opening up these renegotiations if the U K lawmakers can't decide what they want. So for me, the one thing that was really clear from tonight, the vote that the only point of agreement seems to be that very few MP's wanted Mrs Maes deal, and as you know, we're just ten weeks away March twenty ninth. Is that deadline when the UK needs to leave us, so Emery. Yeah. Now, we have a maybe the most likely outcome of this. If it's possible, and I want you to clarify is him fifty the most logical patch to push back the divorce date itself to give them more time. Does that make any sense? Yeah. That would probably be the first step really a technical extensive article, fifty extending it and getting more time the U K needs to request it an all twenty-seven EU countries must accept it. So it can't just happen. They need to of course, vote on it. But one thing about this is the timing is a bit tricky. We have upcoming European Union elections in may a deal must be ratified by the EU parliament, which is set to go into recess. And this parliament itself was set the chain because the UK was going to be leaving and giving up seats. So it's very difficult at this point in time for the European Union for the calendar perspective to of course, extend this. But that would look first step. So does that. Al- enhance the chances and potentially of a hard Brexit or the both sides want to avoid that. Now, it looks like both sides do wanna void that one thing that the FX market has been bouncing on. What many say is the fact that may said in her speech following voted that she's going to reaching out to other parties to try to forge more of a consensus on the way forward? Now, the FX market as you saw the pound jumping against the US dollar. Also rallying against the year. I'm looking at now against all of the g ten it's up against everything began the krona with the the fact is that market is doing that. As potentially yielding a softer break that. Yeah. Yeah. They've kind of ignored it haven't they? All right. Thank you very much. Really? Appreciate your time. Bloomberg's Anna Marie Hordern. Who is Brexit reporter in London? Global news twenty four hours a day in San Francisco. I'm Ed Baxter. This is Bloomberg. Brian. Thank you very much. Very good segment there appreciated de let's get to sport. We don't have too much Brexit in sport. Although there is some anyway, let's look first at Tottenham getting some bad news on star with Dan Schwartzman. Dan, Ryan this one as devastating news star. Harry. Kane will be out. At least two months ankle ligament damage. Cain

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