Tyus Battle's 32 Lead Syracuse to Shocking Upset Win over Zion Williamson, Duke


A lot going on in the world of sports. We'll get into more dominance from James harden, a decision that gets pretty easy for the defending Super Bowl champions in my mind at this point a decision yesterday did seem to be a no brainer. That for some reason. I felt like we treated like a lot more than it was. That still has plenty of drama left to unfold for one major NFL prospect. But I. Holy hell Zion. Williamson I understand that Duke lost. I understand that. And if you missed it last night. Syracuse went on the road upset Duke ninety five ninety one in overtime. We got a little free basketball, which for those of us watching the bachelor last night. There is nothing like watching Colton going camping with the girls and the bachelor house and seeing simultaneously. Oh, I'm getting free basketball to this was all of my worlds coming together in the absolute best ways possible. Now for the Duke side of things I understand Duke lost. But when you look at the circumstances around why it becomes not only understandable. But I think it's never excusable. I want to say that right now Duke is too talented across the board the guys that they had left on the court. We're still good enough to where you have to get this done at home. And I say left on the court because part of the story for Duke last night going into the game. Cam reddish, one of the stars in their team missing with illness. Not in an available for them in the game. And then about five and a half minutes in trae Jones their star guard a guy who's a defensive juggernaut for them and a huge catalyst for them. Offensively leaves the game with what Mike chef ski described after as a shoulder sprain. It's a shoulder sprain. And we'll put out because I'm not gonna do medical stuff. But it's a sprain. There's no break, although he was in a lot of pain. He's a kid that the toughest kid right away. I don't know if my car broke bonus broken, you know, and it was that it was hurting that badly, but it's a sprain. And that was my worry. The I I saw that you thought it might have been a broken collarbone, which would have been devastating for this do blue devils team that listen the proof is in the pudding like the when he is on and off the court for them just within the body of this game be five minutes and change that he was on the court during this game Duke point differential, plus eight with him on the court field goal percentage. Fifty five point six percent with him off the court the point differential, minus twelve thirty six point six percent field goal percentage. They suffer offensively they suffer defensively where he's one of the best, man. Demand defenders in the ACC. And so that is going to affect you always said when it comes to injury. Usually we talk about it with the timing going into the season. At different points of the year, injuries are going to affect you differently. And so if you're a star player that gets injured at the beginning of the season ally. Last Joseph the Boston Celtics, for example, Gordon Hayward being injured at the beginning of the season. You spend the entire rest of the year. Figuring out how you adjust without Gordon Hayward. Kyrie Irving being injured right before the playoffs. All of a sudden, that's a major adjustment for a guy who has been a huge part of your offense. You might grow that down to a single game. And Cam rightish, who you know is not going to be available to you. That night is one way you adjust the game plan. Trey Jones going down in the body of that game is another completely when you have to now adjust without that guy on the court for you without the certainly the encore leadership that he brings you and all that production, and so the energy shifted as one might say. To Zion Williamson at RJ Barrett. Who took who scored fifty eight combined points last night the second most by Duke freshman duo under Mike shefty, but it wasn't quite enough. And I say all this again is a backdrop to discredit Syracuse for going in there and getting a win. And Lord knows we have become accustomed to Syracuse teams throughout the course of time underachieving during the regular season finding a way to make a run that alternately lands them in a Sweet Sixteen type season. That's the capability always exists with a Syracuse team. But man, you even heard Jim pay Heim after this who as usual was lighting up the sidelines in a way that the internet sopped up and enjoy tremendously even Jim boeheim after this kind of understood like man, there was a lot working against Duke. And we are still the team as Twitter would remind you last night big night for Old Dominion Twitter. Because ODU Twitter was reminding you the transit of property can be ineffective you so choose and college basketball, and this is a Syracuse team that. Lost to Old Dominion earlier this year, and you can kind of hear their head coach wearing that dukes. Great team. They don't have to other key guys. That's the breaks of the game. Sometimes. Those two guys the whole game. But you know, it's just one of those things. I watched one tape white may eight threes one game. I think seventy a lot. He couldn't tonight. That's just the way the game is sometimes I am. I asked Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Duke talk about not being able to buy one from three that was the other thing there were a lot of specific jokes made about the sexual prowess of the bachelor over the course of last night. Those were only outnumbered by Duke missed three point shots in a game where they went nine for forty three. Again, a game in which one of their best offense players out. They went nine for forty three. The most three point field goal attempts in school history. Duke now becoming the fifth AP number one team to lose at home to an unranked team in the last ten seasons. So. An outlier in a lot of ways. Again, you look at all the things surrounding this performance. I'm inclined to look at these and not excuse a loss. But understand the circumstances around and say, all right. I'm not going to sound the alarms yet for do. Because this is still a Duke team that again man you saw what Zion is capable in. The midst of all this for a team that has struggled this season against own. We know no one really runs it better than Syracuse. In a lot of ways Zion still thirty five points in a loss. He goes thirty five and ten in this game. He becomes the first major conference player. With thirty five ten four and a game since Kevin Durant. Did it back in two thousand and seven and you saw for all the talk. We had about on a while back. I want to be known as more than just a dunker. You saw that on display last night because him going down and being that differentiating force in the paint. And that's where in the past by the passed earlier this season when you look at the other loss to zag and the things that undermine them in that game with teams clogged up, the paint, this outfit tend to have a bit of trouble. And you saw them do a better job of that last night. They just couldn't hit shots. Like, it's we always hear about the NBA to make making mislead couldn't hit shots your one of your best players and a guy who initiate your offense. And your defense goes out within the first five minutes of the game last night. And all of a sudden the plan changes. Now, what it means going forward becomes entirely different and Jay Bilas ESPN college basketball analyst pointed that out that long term for Duke. The worry. I think any team that loses a point guard like that is going to have some issues and.

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