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The we in the most important for for the rest of this all four African Champions League games on Saturday ended in ho winds, ASEC mimosas, Mamelodi Sundowns and CS Costa tied all picking up three points. IS vehicle of the Congo though, called the biggest of the Wednesday. Thrashed Simba of Tanzania five nil. And in twenty four hours time, we'll know which two teams will be contesting this year's Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Rams take on the number one seeded saw the New Orleans Saints in the NFC championship game. Then in the AFC the Kansas City Chiefs and their quarterback. Patrick Mahomes will be up against the five time SuperBowl winner Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Now hopes is already being talked about as the next Brady. He thinks that's going too far. I'm always strive to do the some of the things that he's done with the Super Bowls that he's won. I mean that's the ultimate goal. And he's he's not trying to pass pass the torch anytime soon. I mean, he's he's. Let at a high level this year, and I just keep playing at this level for at least another couple of years less. Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs. Thank you, very much Alicja more than seventy people are now known to have been killed in a fuel pipeline explosion in Mexico City. The governor of the state of Dow go has said that more bodies had been found at the site. Nearly eighty people were injured the accident happened as crowds of people from a local village filled up containers with fuel to use in their vehicles or sell on on the black market. Yohan Grillo is a writer and journalist based in Mexico City. So there's there's been a lot of video right before the explosions seeking Sita situation, quite clearly and some people in this community classes community drew the whole in the gasoline pipeline. And the gasoline petrol was exploding out people were lining up. Hundreds of people were. Are lining up to fill cans of petrol. So it kind of looting of the oil pipeline. And somehow it was satellite. Maybe somebody had a cigarette or whatever. I'm the explosion happened there and all these tragic deaths. Many people were killed it must have been a huge explosion. Yes. Video of this mushroom cloud gonna it's not the first time. This happened repeatedly in Mexico colored various times these things where you see that these fob who's down through housing areas ruled tragic. This is the problem when people drill holes in pixel pipelines in crude oil pipelines and gasoline pipelines is incredibly dangerous, and unfortunately, there's been people grilling housing pipelines across Mexico in the thousands. Because you bought this crazy wave of oil factors been growing and growing in recent years, and they must know the risks. They're taking yet. There's an an all the time the cruise stealing oil involve actually workers will ex will workers most of the time. They're more professional than this. They'll drill often to one hole to pump oil out of them one whole to pump water or something into equalize it and then patch up afterwards as this is spreading common people realize something easily we can do we can make money you've got people doing. And in this case it wasn't like normal theft. It was like a looting of. Of the oil pipeline clearly a crackdown. That's going on on oil theft isn't working in Mexico. The crackdown by president Andrew. Is facing enormous challenges. He's only been in power for a month and a half only really been running this crackdown for couple of weeks. Now, you've seen the oil theft growing massively when you go back ten years, and it was a problem. Then you could see this problem Graham now how come the Mexican government is letting drug cartels star stealing large amounts of well, that's not gonna end well and is getting bigger and bigger we will see a way to make money. So where you get thousands and thousands of points where the pipelines of being stolen from where they're being people drilling into them. So it isn't generally speaking, desperate individuals driven by poverty in rural Mexico. This is an organized thing and the prophets are going to too big criminals. Yeah. The organized crime networks crew many people from poor areas. When you go to poor villages many inmates. We have organized crime. There you go to get to areas in Mexico slum areas, you have organized crime recruiting. There is poverty and inequality mass opposite key part of the organized crime. But it's a of I think it was simplistic way desperation is a breakdown of law and order in a span of crime in the country, which is being gone on for years. And that's why you have one hundred fifty thousand organized crime related deaths over the last decade Mexico. That was Yohan Grillo who's a freelance writer and journalist reports for us regularly from Mexico and Mexico City in particular. You're tuned to the BBC World Service. This is weekend names. Paul Hanley obviously.

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