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Like a very happy couple who very much are into each other. Let's give them something. All right radio. Hang on one. Second. We're gonna hook you guys up with with the concert to whatever show. You wanna go Nikki this not those trapped tickets? I hope it something else. That's all we have. There you go. Great bands. Like trapped saliva tantric saving Abel wellstone's. Twelve stones crazy town trapped traffic. Really? I always feel like I'm forgetting one. It's okay. Yes. I do very lubricated James. What's up looking at you? Grab a live. How are you? Thank you. So. Yeah. About seven and my wife, and I would never wear makeup in or out of the house. And as a matter of fact, when she was five we enrolled her into a. Pageant deal. Mistake we ever made her parents. But he she got close to the. Sorry. It's getting ready to give pageantry is something you should not allow your kids to get into discussing world. Kevin. What are you gonna just around the corner and Kevin's kitchen? Everybody loves bacon. Right. Yes. Okay. When I tell you this next story about bacon. It may you may not like it anymore. You may turn me off a fake. I'm gonna say something that's gonna turn a lot of people off from bacon. Fantastic. You'll find out what that is along with. It's okay. It's not okay. A case of discrimination against gays or a simple request to have dignity and public. You'll find out next. Street two point five the bone on your smart speaker by simply telling them to.

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