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This. The fact is he is definitely hinting that this wall might not be concrete want to steal one that we discussed yesterday program. Here's a little bit more from the president his opening remarks to the gathered media about his strategy session at the White House. So we had a productive meeting today with speaker Pelosi and Senator humor I thought it was really a very very good meeting. We're all on the same path in terms of wanting to get government open. We're going to be meeting. I've designated a group, and we're going to be meeting over the weekend that group to determine what we're going to do about the border, and he went on to talk about border security, and what exactly needs to get done. And it sounds from this perspective from my perspective that based on his performance today. He's not necessarily changing course in his approach with Democrats in insisting on a physical barrier. So that we can have all of these border crossings that have been taking place illegally. Done with some sort of control in some sort of order, so that the border patrol can actually prevent people from crossing over and then claiming asylum one of the problems described to me as an example, your ports of entry. We're going to agree with Chuck and Nancy and steady and dick Durbin was there. We want to. Make the ports bigger more powerful able to handle more traffic have very very powerful drug equipment there. So they make very good stuff. Now, we don't have it because of budgets and other reasons, but we're gonna make our ports of entry very powerful very strong. I saw what he did there with Senator Durbin we'll move on. He by the way, I pointed this out the other day when he had that masterful performance in the boardroom taking all question. Remember yesterday? He went out with the border patrols around him. And he gave his presentation and when he left reporters regarding Adam this is a briefing room. You're supposed to take questions he took. He he stood there today and said should we keep going anymore? He went back to major Garrett. I think three times today he kept. What else? Do you got? What else? Do you got? I'm so sick of reporters whining about eight even then would he finished and started walking back there? Screaming more questions. Adam there, a pack of obnoxious apes that said remember when there was a narrative a couple of years ago, not even a couple of years ago earlier this year that the president had lost his faculties and he's mentally incompetent. And he doesn't know what he's doing half the time and we've got to invoke the twenty fifth amendment again. This is a man who is obviously so incredibly well versed on this issue and multiple other issues. They even through you know, well, what about? If you're going to build the wall, I think it was April Ryan from CNN April Ryan said if you are going to build the wall, what about imminent domain, and he went on like a ten minute riff on him minute tomatoes as well. If I have the military do it. It's national security eminent domain rules are different. And either way we can go ahead and make a negotiated deal. In effect secretary Nielsen's already been doing some negotiated deals prior to having to implement eminent donated. I I'm so tired. Have you noticed that you don't hear Brian Stelter? And Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough with their wrinkled foreheads wringing their hands saying this man is just a we're going to have to have a constitutional trigger here for the twenty fifth amendment because he has lost all capabilities, and he is not of sound mind. And he doesn't know what it was a lie. It was fake news. Then it's fake news now, and this performance proves that he went on to talk about all of the nuanced aspects of what is going on at our border right now, and why the status quo the Democrats water. Maintain is not acceptable. Children are hurt more than anybody else. These coyotes what they do with children. All because we have open borders because I think they can get away with it. They don't come into the port. Well, we have a lot of protection. That's right. They come in to empty air is vast spaces empty areas. Just like is terrible person came in when he shot officers sing they come in through these vast open areas. You don't even have a sign saying Mexico US is no sign designating you have just entered the United States just open space. Absolutely. A fact that cannot be disputed by the Democrats who don't want a physical barrier in all they'll do is say, oh, yes. What for those white open expanses? We'll just use drones in high tech drones in high tech, do not stop people like that people like the murderer of officers saying in California or drug traffickers, are taste and human traffickers doesn't stop them from crossing the border and doing their evil work. All it does is allow you to know when they've crossed the border, and then track them after the fact, it's not a serious border security or national security solution. That's why the. Democrats are making these coyotes these human traffickers, they make a right turn before they get to the port of entry. They go as far as the wall is or as far as the barricade is. And then they make a left welcome to the United States, and what they do with usually the women sometimes children that they're trafficking with it in. You don't wanna know about? So the only way you're gonna stop that is by having a solid steel structure or concrete structure, whether it's a wall or some form of very powerful steel steel is actually more expensive than the concrete. But I think we're probably talking about steel. Because I really feel the other side feels better about it. And I can understand what they're saying. It is more expensive. Yeah. You know, what's happening here? This is an eye kitchen. I if you read between the lines, and you actually see the way the media who obviously had some of the reporters were friendly with Democrats and antagonistic to the president really wanted to use this press conference as a debating forum. Jim Acosta, if you see their behavior, and if you see where this is headed, and you see some of the things that were set over the last week when the president was talking about the steel barrier with the slats, this is why I had that conversation with Cassie Dona the daily wire yesterday who actually went down and talk to the border patrol on the southern border in California, just south of San Diego, where they said, yeah, we don't want a concrete while we want to be able to see what's going on on the other side. You know, these metal slats are actually very important as long as it's not created in such a way that someone can climb over it and we're talking twenty plus high twenty five twenty eight feet high with spikes on the top. And you know, last I checked that actually is is pretty effective in many cases, what the Democrats are doing is. They're trying to move Trump in this direction and Trump is fine with that considering the border patrol has already said that they're fine with that kind of physical barrier. And then this is the narrative, the Democrats are gonna use a kid, you not I I'm gonna write it up for you. Now, you know, lock it down put my name on it. And then check back with me later, Trump promised a wall. And all he could do is give you a fence. He broke his promise we told you there wouldn't be a wall. I'm not joking. That's that's gonna be their strategy. I'm pretty sure Don lemon will go with it. I'm pretty sure Don lemon way, they make a good point. Once again, another live from Donald Trump. He Mike we may. We may have the Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post giving four Pinocchio is on the wall because Trump will say yes there, we got our wall. Here's the wall. That's not a wall because it's not break made of concrete, we need border security. And all of this security, if we do what I think what the Democrats want all of the border things that will be building. We'll be done right here in the good old USA by steel companies that were practically out of business when I came into office as president and now they're thriving. Yeah. Did you hear that? If we do what I think Democrats also wanna do will build this out of steel and the steel industry is thriving, and it'll be bad. And that's what it is. They're saying, No, MR president. We can't have a wall. We can't go back to our voters with the wall. How about if we build this structure instead and the president's like sure I'm in border patrol said that they want something like that. This is one of our prototypes that works for me. It'll do the job, and then they're gonna say. It's not a wall. And that's what you've got. This proud two hundred year old political party in America hanging their future on that. Instead of a thirty foot concrete wall at the southern border. President Trump built a thirty foot steel slatted fence like barrier. That's a huge win for Pelosi. I gotta tell you. That's that's how you win in two thousand twenty. The president then went into some detail about what the plan is moving forward to hopefully reach this agreement and get the government funded. Mike is we've put together a team of people that will work over the weekend. I believe that Mike is acting chief of staff. Mike Mulvaney, who is also know Mike Pence vice President Mike Pence. Thank you very much. Could be Mick Mulvaney, actually, if he was talking about Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pence vice president is the Mike being referred to here. Mike calls. Mike, Mike is we put together a team of people that will work over the weekend. And they'll be negotiating on the border on the look on different things having to do with border security, including at the ports of entry. And I think they're going to be very successful. Because I found the Democrats really want to do something. Yeah. Well, you don't. He wanted to do something right after they pull it right after they check their focus groups right after they see how their fundraising going. And then we'll see what happens I'm going to get to the questions and answers, which is really the crux of the Trumpian Trump 'isms that we saw today, but Nick and rest and wants to jump in for a moment. You saw this go on Nick phenomenal. Wasn't it? Larry you called it the classic Trump. I I would say it was. Masterpiece. Trump and. Carol.

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