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Hear. So what's the comparison to nineteen twenty nine Germany and this? I don't think there is a comparison this gentleman got caught in making comparisons to Adolf Hitler on the part of Donald Trump and ended up having to walk those comments back even after he tried to double down on them. And then changing his explanation saying that he was trying to draw comparisons, economically speaking to the times that Germany faced and the freedoms that they eventually lost. How does that comport with what's going on today? I'm not gonna make argument forum. Let's just say it that way eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five back to the phone lines. We go let's say Hello to KC. And Saint Clair shores wants to talk about related to Labe. Casey. Thanks for calling. Good evening. And I gotta stop using all the democratic liberal actual real numbers. You know, math is not their strong. Oh, okay. And you know, what that are being? So just remember that feeling because on the numbers add up. It's not right. That's. It just it's a long history of it. Oy, politics and really stupid statement when you want. Thank you. I beckon back to the days of Coleman. Young calling. Ronald Reagan old pro say right after he got elected, and that's like you expect now federal money gumming Reagan when a good memory, just like, Trump, bad and cro-magnon was very virtuous buying at cougar ran during the height of apartheid. So yes. Trusted with anything. He said, well, the old do is is the old do as I say, not as I do rubric would seem to apply. Casey. Thanks a lot for your call. I'm gonna try to squeeze one more in here before we hit the brake Matthews in Harper woods, Matthew. What about the Democrats? Two days ago right called in and said it how I had such a route experience representing brenda's. Well today, I wrote a letter that their staff called and apologized. I wanted to kind of do a follow up. And and you know, it's not that they have to agree. But I will say I did you know, they were very apologetic. Maybe they heard you on the John McCullough show, or you know, I wrote a letter to the editor. But the thing I was going to say, I told her I said, you know, I know you guys really want to teach several, but I said you really need to talk to that Representative. So I would encourage everyone out there to call your Representative. And you know, I think he did, you know, she it'd be great. If she apologized, but at least tell them, you know, what you think about that kind of rhetoric coming from Detroit because it makes a difference when they gave her an absolutely Matthew. Congratulations on the kind of offense. But again, I wanna say represented Brenda Lawrence apologize, and she is going to be responsive. So I just wanna make sure make you got. Thank you Matthew for showing folks, how engagement is supposed to work back after this.

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