Patreon is on track to pay a cool $500M to its creators in 2019



Research is Tom Webster has written a guide to advertising that works in podcasting based on dozens of effectiveness surveys for advertisers and podcast networks at the company's done. Snapping a radio spot into a podcast brings no particular benefit to an advertiser. He writes, a may even harm the podcast this week national tiles have a beautiful range of polish porcelain floor tiles slash prior plot thirty percent and more quite enough of that. Thank you patriot has announced it has three million creators and predicts that it'll pay half a billion dollars to creators in two thousand nineteen alone. And yes, you can supporters using patriots to pod news dot net slash support story board an app that allows companies teams and organizations to use the power of podcasting just for their internal audiences. His now in Beata this note suppo- cast directory has launched another experimental product. Listen, explorer, which gives you sim. Podcasts to those that you enter dot newspaper of record an RC Handelsblad is to start a new daily podcast in mid March. Dan, Meisner discusses how to make amazing podcast art work today. Eric will force the co founder and chief product officer of soundcloud surface, many podcast has used as a host is stepping down. This was not an easy decision to make. He says the company lost Alex Leong, the other co founder as CEO back in July two thousand seventeen something else. A UK audio production company has a new US head of content. Tom Kohnic will be based in New York target sports sales company that represents Google play music and audio boom. Among others has appointed Mark Kates. As sales director for their Toronto Canada office and an event for you. The honor fast, February twenty eighth to March third in Brooklyn in New York, exploring, storytelling and creativity in sound

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