Hillary Clinton, Congress And Donald Trump discussed on John McCulloch


Pardon me. Hillary should be locked up. Well, she liked it under oath before congress. She live and destroyed evidence. She intimidated witnesses. She pays no penalty. Mr. Komi, Mr. Brennan, Mr. McCabe. Mr. general, Clapper, Hillary Clinton. They all lied under oath regarding material matters of great consequence. I am falsely accused of lying under congress, which I did not do when are the day being prosecuted. Where's the equal? Application of the law. Yeah. And as I asked last week when do we see twenty nine law enforcement units units with lights blazing officers with guns drawn in bullet resistant body armor and helmets rushing any of their houses in a pre dawn raid when when are we going to be treated to that video video eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three WD TK. I mean, if it's good enough for guys like Mr. stone, a former associate of Donald Trump who says he will not bear false witness against the president because there's nothing to see here. Then what about those folks who really lied to the federal authorities shouldn't we at the very least see them frogmarched out of their residences. First thing in the morning. This John McCullough for mabul services,.

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