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Have because thomas is clearly thoughtful and passionate and caring and i urge you to find all of that speech and listen to it because it's worth it because lithuanian dominance in his of ways the matters in football and outside of football he's respected across the board and clearly just from that little snippet has some ideas worth listening to danzi what did you make of of tomlinson speech i think that that was just that that just that little men and a half there is representative of a lot of what he said and i think that it was a we normally speeches are just like fake use an a recap of a career in those settings must stick a michael jordan hall of fame speech where he just take not a grudge on everyone tomlinson i think used his platform in a in a good way i did you think of it i think that's what most people want out of athletes which is you have a chance to get up there and prepare something and speak and he spoke eloquently and i i think that's what most people want other athletes except of course you've got your subject to people who are going to give you year does it kicked his words are you even big just talk about football talking about your teammates and then everybody collapse in you go in the hall of fame great stuff it's a tough line to walk like i i really think being a professional athlete is much tougher than we allow the times give it credit for i get it as you're playing a game we pay your money that's all your there to do but yeah dan forming clown or whatever athletes they got to walk this line and i give elti credit for for taking the time you know if they're not a he he didn't spew any hate speech and he wasn't wasn't vitriolic it was well deliver n kudos to him yeah they say use your platform right they want we want our athletes to use their platform but then as you mentioned the sometimes when athletes use their platform we said well holding out no you're platforms to score touchdowns i don't want to the keep sticking sports keep your your political opinions out of it and of.

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