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I'd coach tiki barber every day in my life. Favorite coach coach with favorite coached that coast with john. Fox i mean he. He's got a lot of success. Yeah yes I'm kind of think of war of the guys that i worked for I loved to work was two years with wade phillips more dinner. I've vince tobin. I liked him all boy. That's a hard one. Because i have respect for these guys i don't i don't have any eight my heart from yes so I really enjoyed you know most of my career. I worked for defensive head coach and bottom line. We were successful offense and let me do what i wanted to do. And so it was really fun to do that. paul wiggin. I worked for at stanford. I the guy's a great guy i'd go. I'd go to war every day for him. So you walsh who's a big influence on me Being a stanford right near the forty niners. So that's really a hard one to say you pay. An and fox is probably one of the great coaching staffs of all time. Would you agree with that. I mean that's that's a. that's the three musketeers. That's a nice little tree right there. Well will say this. When i hired john fox he had one offer to be a db coach. He wasn't going to be a coordinator anywhere. And george young questioned me about jim. Fired raiders yet. This but that that. I should george. I like the guy sean payton was going to go back to college. He could not get a job in the nfl he was done. He couldn't get an interview in the when. I heard it so he was going back to college and i really like shawn because he was a good guy and i could frame to be a coordinator to playcaller and all that stuff. Because he hadn't done it. He's only had one year in the nfl as a quality control guy so he was really green behind the but i liked his attitude. I interviewed ten coaches for the quarterback job. I was running the offense. And i wanted a guy that i thought you know. This guy sticks with me to three or four years. He would have the potential to be a coordinator and then i made him the coordinator after my mom died and was worn out and turned play calling over to him. I was worn out. It was time probably ask job. Jim fossil our show. Jim 'cause i. Can i talk to you for days but unfortunately we gotta pay the bills and we gotta get into a little bit fell. But jim foster former giants head coach. Thanks so much for joining. Jim have a great night and we will talk soon. Thank you anytime you guys got great questions..

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