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But man he is a pro bowl tied in and cal rudolph and don't forget the third wide receiver injurious right just when you start thinking about everyone else jerry's right comes up with the big play for the viking with these two don't underestimate how important giving that quarterback confidence especially in a game on this stage where he's going to have to worry about a thousand things the one thing that he does feel comfortable and is he can put the ball up and he knows these two guys are going to go again i think for case came that's going to go a long way here they've got to be more concerned about me talking trash to him before it again see see just before move off this real quick i know one of the things not to spoil a reveal you're having tomorrow but i know one of the keys to the game that you think it's going to be the eagles pass rush like i know we're going to get into that later the ability to get two case keno viking still going to have people throw the ball one thing both of these guys have done a good job on you talk to all the contested catches but also making the most of short throws and getting up the field if the path roche is a problem they're not going to have a lot of five and seven step drop strikes going to be quick quick haters right yes and they need stefan digs to be able to do what he's been doing making guy missed they need adam thiel and a guy who they've been able to reliably throw the ball to on third and medium there's gonna be passed the sticks and pick up the first down like if the eagles path is really good that's a key party us stand wide receivers listened to dennis ryan the equipment coach don't wear them fast shoes where the big cleats because that field and dennis ryan knows best listen tolling don't try to wear the ozone cleats were.

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